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Recognize your team members with Kudos (praise) and constructive feedback.
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Team Recognition And So Much More!

Screenshot of Matter's website, a constructive feedback tool.
“Our team started using Matter with Slack, and we can’t imagine giving praise any other way.”
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Aishwarya Atwal - CEO

Product Hunt's Social Impact Product Of The Year

Build a culture of feedback and celebrate your team wins with public praise.

Celebrate Wins In Public

Giving positive feedback with Kudos, makes it easy to recognize and praise peers.
Screenshot of Matter's website, a constructive feedback tool.

Fully Integrated with Slack

Build a habit of giving feedback by setting up your team's Feedback Ritual.
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Teams that connect to Slack receive 7x more Kudos.


Of employees are more productive when they regularly receive Kudos.


Teams that use Matter receive 2.7x more feedback.

Feedback with none of the stress or drama

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