Onboarding Guide

What is Matter?

Welcome to Matter! 💜 Matter is a Slack-based app that offers your team an effective bottoms-up approach to workplace recognition and company culture. With Matter, everyone on your team can participate by sending kudos, engaging with Feedback Friday, and sharing skill-based feedback with teammates.

Matter empowers teams of all kinds to celebrate daily wins and embrace a growth mindset, all in a fun and easy way. Through the power of feedback, teams that use Matter regularly see an increase in employee engagement and a decrease in employee turnover.

What You Can Do With Matter

🎉 Feedback Friday: Dedicate a day where your team is encouraged to give the gift of feedback and share recognition (kudos).

👏 Kudos: Choose from 9 templates or create your own custom kudos to share company values, inside jokes, and much more.

Ⓜ️ Rewards: Supercharge Feedback Friday with Rewards! — Add Matter coins to kudos and feedback to show extra appreciation. Redeem coins for gift cards, company rewards, charitable donations, and more.

📈 Analytics: Analytics gives you recent recognition activity and trends, allowing greater visibility and insights specific to your team.

✏️ Feedback Surveys: Discover blind spots and superpowers with skill-based prompts that turn into actionable and constructive feedback.

🤝 Continuous Feedback: Choose the skills you want to work on. Select the cadence (weekly, monthly, quarterly). Pick who to hear from regularly.

Benefits of Matter

Builds Company Culture Together: With our bottoms-up approach, every team member can share recognition and feedback, create custom kudos, and grow regularly on professional and soft skills. In which team members can see their direct impact on the company culture.

Makes Feedback + Recognition a Habit: MatterBot onboards everyone and guides them through Feedback Friday and giving kudos/feedback — making feedback a fun and frequent habit.

Reduces Employee Turnover: According to a conservative estimate by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, average employee replacement costs are $13,996 per employee. Gallup research shows that employees who don’t feel recognized are 2x as likely to quit their job within a year. According to SHRM, 62% of employees are not happy with the recognition they already receive. With Admin Analytics, teams can identify this churn before it happens and save on their bottom line.

Increases Employee Engagement: We all want to work somewhere we feel recognized and appreciated. Beyond that, we feel truly engaged with our work when we continue learning and developing skills. Coupling kudos and skill-based feedback enriches your employee’s day-to-day experience and encourages growth throughout the team.

Increased Leadership Visibility: Apart from encouraging remote teams to interact in a positive way, Feedback Friday and kudos/feedback bring public visibility into what others are working on — both from a management-level and team-level.

Hear what happy teams are saying about Matter

"Matter isn’t just about kudos – it’s a complete feedback tool. Not only give feedback or kudos, but also constructive feedback that helps teammates improve specific skills, especially with continuous feedback relationships."
Lucas Veyrines
Human Resources | Customer Story
"Feedback is something that’s not always easy to share, but with Matter, we now have a way, with valuable guidelines and considerations, to create a feedback culture."
Citlalli Amador
Human Resources BP | Customer Story
“We asked internally what's something we need to continue doing for our company culture? Response: 70% mentioned we need to keep using Matter."
Victor Neumann
CEO & Co-founder | Customer Story
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Free 30-Day Trial

No credit card required to start a free trial. After 30-days, upgrade to Pro Pricing to keep using Matter. Pricing is billed on a per channel basis.

Add to Slack for Free!
Unlimited access to all features:
Feedback Friday recognition ritual
Kudos cards (9 templates)
Custom kudos (e.g., company values)
Admin analytics
Global rewards (e.g., gift cards)
Coming Soon
Skill-based feedback surveys
Automated constructive feedback
Multi-channel support (e.g., timezones)
24-hour email support

No credit card required to start a free trial. After 30-days, upgrade to Pro Pricing to keep using Matter. Pricing is billed on a per channel basis.

Pro Pricing

(Save 40%)
1 - 10
channel members
billed annually
11 - 24
channel members
billed annually
25 - 49
channel members
billed annually
50 - 99
channel members
+ $200/mo for every additional 100 members
billed annually
1 - 10
channel members
billed monthly
11 - 24
channel members
billed monthly
25 - 49
channel members
billed monthly
50 - 99
channel members
+ $280/mo for every additional 100 members
billed monthly

Educational institution, non-profit, or early stage company?

Eligible teams can get up to an additional 30% discount.

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Getting Started With Matter

1. Add Matter to your Slack workspace and create your Matter channel(s)

2. Send your first kudos

3. Create custom kudos to reflect your company’s values or inside jokes

4. Confirm Feedback Friday settings meet your team’s needs, adjust if needed

5. Share Member Onboarding Training Guide with your teammates

6. Introduce Skill-based Feedback Surveys (Optional)

7. After your first Feedback Friday, view Admin Analytics to track employee engagement

If you have any other questions, or just want to say hello, please contact us at 💜

Additional Resources

Member Onboarding: Help your teammates get the most value out of Matter with this onboarding guide.

Demo Video: See how you can create a feedback-focused culture with Feedback Friday, kudos, skill-based feedback surveys, and more.

Training: Feedback Friday: Everything you need to do to have a successful Feedback Friday with your team. Including Feedback Friday & settings, kudos, and custom Kudos.

Training: Skill-based Feedback Surveys: See how to use skill-based feedback surveys and set up continuous feedback to help your team embrace a growth mindset.

Training: Admin Analytics: See how you can get insights and trends about your team culture from Feedback Friday and kudos activity.

Training: Channel Member: See how to recognize teammates with Feedback Friday and kudos, and grow professionally with skill-based feedback surveys.

Help Center: Advice and answers from the Matter Team.