Matter for Teams: Slack Integration, Ritual, and so much more!

July 12, 2021
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Build Stronger, Happier Teams

Today's the day! Matter is officially exiting beta with the launch of Matter for Teams to help you build stronger and happier team culture!

Now, you can use Matter with your entire team by creating a workspace to access our new Slack Integration and Feedback Ritual.

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We love hearing from you. Let us know what you think about the launch of Matter for Teams and show us some love on Product Hunt.

Everything new with Matter for Teams

To create a workspace, go to Home > My Stuff > Create a Workspace. All workspaces unlock:

  • Kudos: Giving public praises made easy with three fun templates for every occasion. Available for all workspaces.
  • Rituals: Add feedback to your weekly ritual. Start a weekly habit of sharing public praises and feedback with your team.
  • Slack Integration: From sharing public praises to continuous feedback, do everything and more all inside Slack.

Get started: ​Create a workspace​​​ or Learn how to create workspace

Matter for Team includes unlimited seats

Available for Free with Unlimited Seats

We believe feedback is a gift that should be shared. Our commitment to you stays true with the launch of Matter for Teams.

  • Unlimited Seats: Whether it's an engineering team of 10 or a company of 100+, all workspaces include unlimited seats for free.
  • Team Management: With workspace, you can designate admins to help you manage your workflows and onboarding.
  • And much more: You can now gather and give continuous feedback to new team members once they join your workspace.

We're here to help

Get the most out of Matter for Teams with our new Help Center collections of how-to's and tips.

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