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Frequently asked questions

What if I have multiple teams?

You can use Matter in multiple Slack channels. For example, teams that are separated by time zone or job functions (e.g., engineer, design) will be able to have their own Feedback Fridays.

Do I need Slack to use Matter?

Currently, Matter must be connected to a Slack workspace to use. If you'd like to join our Matter for Microsoft Teams waitlist - see here.

Does Matter offer workspace analytics for admins?

Yes! Admins can now view team Analytics from their Web App dashboard. This includes team engagement, top participants, usage over time, and more.

How does pricing work?

Matter will always be free to try. Should you choose to upgrade to our Pro Plan after your free trial, we charge based on the amount of channel members, with a yearly subscription discount. View pricing details here. It's our goal to make feedback affordable and accessible for all teams, so if pricing is an issue, please contact us here.

How does the free trial work?

The free trial lasts 30 days and does not require a credit card to start. During the free trial, teams get unlimited access to all Matter features - listed here.

When your free 30-day trial ends, all features will be locked and team members won’t be able to experience Feedback Friday, send kudos or feedback, etc.

At any time during the free trial, you can add in your payment information to upgrade to Pro and keep using Matter past the 30 days. If a free trial ends, you can still add your payment information and retain your team's information (kudos, feedback, etc.) saved inside the Matter Slack channel and web app.

What happens when the free trial is over?

At the end of the free 30-day trial, all features of your Matter Slack channel and web app will be locked. For example, team members will not be able to give or receive kudos and Feedback Friday will not occur.

In order to unlock the channel and web app, a payment method will need to be added. Channel Owner + Admins can add a payment method in the web app: Channel Settings > Billing.

Do you have customer support?

We do! If needed, please visit our help article section, or contact our customer support team here.

How does Matter keep my team's data private/safe?

Matter is consistently reviewing and updating our privacy practices to ensure your team's data stays safe. For more information on our policies - see here.

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Hear what people are saying about Matter

"Our company’s culture & morale changed overnight! In under 2 months, we’ve had over 2,000 kudos sent and 80%+ engagement across all employees. Matter has motivated people to participate like no other software we have ever used."
Jeff Hagel
President | Customer Story
“Kudos are a big part of our company culture and daily practice because it reinforces our company values. This helps us have the right people here and support them to do their best.”
María José Franco
María José Franco
People Director | Customer Story
"Feedback Friday is big for us. It helped us kickstart kudos. 90% of our employees feel comfortable giving and receiving feedback, and 72% feel comfortable with recognition now."
Sabrina Roccazzella
Human Resources Business Partner | Customer Story

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