Feedback Ritual

Start a weekly habit of giving feedback with your team.

Build A Feedback Culture

From Thankful Tuesday to Feedback Friday, make feedback a part of your culture.

Product Hunt's Social Impact Product Of The Year

Build a culture of feedback and celebrate your team wins with public praise.

Celebrate Participation

Encourage public praise and feedback with end-of-day recaps, team streaks, and participation awards.
“The Slack integration was a gamechanger for our team! This made it incredibly easy to get our entire team onboard to start sharing feedback and Kudos directly within Slack.”
Executive Director, 
Close the Gap Foundation

Personalize Your Ritual

From the day of the week to the message itself, customize your Feedback Ritual to fit your team's unique needs.

Bring Out The Best In Your Team

Recognize your team members with Kudos, gather continuous feedback, and so much more.