Team Member Guide

What is Matter?

Woo-hoo! Someone on your team added Matter to your Slack or Teams workspace. Your company’s culture is about to be SUPERCHARGED⚡️ Matter is a bottoms-up tool to increase recognition, engagement, and growth in your company.

How, you may ask? With Matter, everyone on the team can share kudos and skill-based feedback with each other, while participating in Feedback Friday — so everyone has a voice in creating a team culture, together.

Kudos 👏

What are kudos?
Kudos are colorful cards of recognition that anyone can send to a teammate. These cards include a fun image and message highlighting good things happening all across the team. These cards will land in your Matter Slack channel for everyone to see, and react with comments, emojis, and plus-ones — really making your teammate’s day.

How do I send kudos?
Easily send kudos from your Matter channel, Slack App Home, web app, or using Slack shortcut /kudos. Spice up your judos by using different Kudos templates, adding emojis to your message, and sending group kudos for team wins.

What’s the value of kudos?
Kudos allow you to send praise and recognition to your teammates regularly and in the moment, all within Slack. Sending kudos regularly ensures everyone on the team feels seen and appreciated, boosting overall morale.

Custom Kudos 🎨

What are custom kudos?
Matter comes with 9 kudos templates out of the box, and your team Admin may have added more kudos types to reflect company values, team goals, or inside jokes. Head to the kudos section of App Home to see if custom kudos permissions are enabled in your channel.

How do I create custom kudos?
Creating custom kudos is easy and fun — from our web app, simply choose a kudos title and background color, then upload your favorite and most fitting image. As soon as you create a custom kudos, it will be available to use in your Slack workspace.

What’s the value of custom kudos?
Using custom kudos that pertain to your company’s values and goals provides insight into what values and goals are being fulfilled, which ones may need more attention or to be reassessed, etc.

Rewards Ⓜ️

What are Rewards?
Add Matter coins to kudos and feedback to show extra appreciation. Redeem coins for gift cards, company rewards, charitable donations, and more in our Rewards store.

How do I use Rewards?
At the end of each Feedback Friday, you will be given Matter coins to share with teammates in Kudos and feedback through the next Feedback Friday. As you collect coins over time through recieving Kudos and feedback, they will be stored in your coin wallet, which you can review in App Home tab. Head to our Rewards store in the webapp to trade in these coins for gift cards, charitible donations, or company rewards.

What's the value of Rewards?
Rewards further incentivize a culture of recognition throughout the team, and allows teammates to reward themselves for doing great work!

Feedback Friday 🥳

What is Feedback Friday?
Get your team on a weekly feedback streak with Feedback Friday. MatterBot sends messages throughout the day that encourage everyone to send kudos, ending the week on a high note. The day ends with a weekly recap, highlighting your team's feedback efforts.

How do I participate in Feedback Friday?
Joining in on Feedback Friday fun is super easy. Simply send kudos or feedback to a teammate. In fact, MatterBot will remind you to do so if you haven’t already.

What's the value of Feedback Friday?
Feedback Friday dedicates a day to reflect on the successes of your team, encouraging everyone to participate and share feedback or recognition with a teammate. This feedback ritual acknowledges teammates for going the extra mile, while keeping everyone engaged.

Skill-Based Feedback Surveys 🏆

What are skill-based feedback surveys?
In the web app, you can select skills that you’d like to track progress in over time. We have 30 to choose from, like Communication, Leadership, Technical Acumen — or create your own custom skills to track. Once you select these skills, gain feedback and advice from your colleagues to continue advancing in these skills.

How do I receive feedback on my skills?
Request feedback from a teammate from our Slack App Home tab, where your selected skills will appear in the request. Simply deselect any skills you do not need feedback on from that person at that time, customize your message, and send.

What’s the value of skill-based feedback surveys?
Skill-based feedback provides an opportunity for everyone on the team to continue learning and growing in their role. They allow bottoms-up feedback, encouraging teammates to provide regular feedback to their managers to improve company processes. Lastly, they allow you to reflect on your professional growth over time and notice strengths and blind spots in your performance.

Continuous Feedback 🔁

What is continuous feedback?
If you’d like to gain insights from a colleague, manager, or mentor regularly, you can set up a continuous feedback relationship with them. MatterBot will automatically send a feedback survey request at your chosen date and cadence.

How do I set up a continuous feedback relationship?
From your Matter web app, head to the continuous page. Select who you’d like to receive regular feedback from, select relevant skills, and choose the cadence in which you’d like MatterBot to send requests.

What’s the value of a continuous feedback relationship?
Continuous feedback loops allow you to receive high-quality, actionable feedback regularly without having to send one-off requests to your colleagues. Continuous feedback relationships are a great supplement to mentorships, 1-1 meetings, and performance reviews.

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Getting Started With Matter

1. Send kudos to an awesome teammate

2. Create a custom kudos (if enabled for your team)

3. Select skills to receive constructive feedback on from your teammates

4. Create a continuous feedback relationship with a manager, mentor, or someone you admire

5. Participate in Feedback Friday and have fun 😁

If you have any other questions, or just want to say hello, please contact us at 💜