Recurring Feedback

Improve on a regular basis with continuous feedback at your pace.
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Screenshot of Matter landing page, a constructive feedback tool.
Screenshot of Matter's website, a constructive feedback tool.

Grow At Your Own Pace

Whether it’s weekly or once a quarter, you can customize how often you want feedback.

Product Hunt's Social Impact Product Of The Year

Build a culture of feedback and celebrate your team wins with public praise.

Fully Customizable

Every aspect of continuous feedback can be customized to meet your specifics needs.
“Matter is amazing. Everything about Matter, from the interface, to the way I am able to send and receive feedback is amazing. I’m really enjoying the product.”
Dribbble logo for Matter, a constructive feedback tool.
Product Manager, Dribbble

Feedback On Autopilot

Set it up once and leave it to us to help you gather new feedback on your terms.

Feedback with none of the stress or drama

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