Slack Integration

Give and receive all your feedback and more – all inside Slack.

Build Good Habits

Build weekly feedback habits with a Feedback Ritual where your team is encouraged to share feedback.

Integrate Feedback Into Your Slack Workflow

Connect your Matter Team account to get started.

Celebrate Team Wins

Give your team the power to recognize big and small achievement and view publicly shared Kudos all within a Slack channel.
“The Slack integration was a gamechanger for our team! This made it incredibly easy to get our entire team onboard to start sharing feedback and Kudos directly within Slack.”
Executive Director, 
Close the Gap Foundation

Share Feedback Faster

Give feedback, Kudos, and send feedback requests anywhere in Slack. Use shortcuts to give timely feedback in your existing workflows.

Bring Out The Best In Your Team

Recognize your team members with Kudos, gather continuous feedback, and so much more.