How can you get useful, honest, and continuous feedback about your professional skills?

Whatever your profession, the odds are high that you crave more feedback. After all, it’s impossible to tell if you’re on the right or wrong track toward your career goals without some clear, constructive, and actionable feedback about your strengths and where you have opportunities to improve.

Actually getting that kind of feedback, however, can be tough. When face-to-face, people often temper their interpersonal communications and avoid saying the tough, unvarnished truth to someone they work with on a regular basis. In order to change the culture of your organization to make it easier and more acceptable to provide and receive real, actionable feedback, you need a way to put those exchanges into the forefront.

Matter offers solutions built specifically for professionals to get feedback from everyone around them, and provide the same for a healthier company filled with professionals who embrace the growth mindset and are striving to be their best selves.

What Is Matter?

Matter is an app that allows professionals at all levels to request and receive feedback from anyone that they work with, including their peers, managers, and clients. The app is intuitive, easy-to-use, and allows feedback to be requested and submitted on a consistent basis -- because that’s the best way to ensure that you hear the truth.

Matter helps you get a free-flowing exchange of feedback and ideas going between you and others, whether you are:

  • A freelancer who works without a team
  • A team member on a project who wants to make a better contribution
  • A professional with an eye on future advancement
  • A product manager aiming to improve your team’s performance
  • A business owner looking to build a better team or company culture

Matter gives you a new way to approach feedback and puts you in control of your own future. Matter makes feedback easier, pleasant, and more productive.. As an ambitious professional, it also frees you from the selective viewpoints of your bosses, co-workers or clients and allows you to see a complete picture of your performance.

Take Control Of Your Career And Your Future

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?

Continuous and actionable feedback can help you identify your strengths and your weaknesses, spot micro-mistakes that may be keeping you from your career goals, and eliminate roadblocks that are hindering your advancement.

If you’re ready to learn more, Matter offers a variety of solutions and services, including:

Open doors to your future now by exploring what Matter has to offer.

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