Why Matter?

We launched Matter under the premise that everyone is deserving of feedback. The process of receiving professional feedback should be active - ask for it, pursue it, search it out with gusto. Matter’s mission is to change the whole way you approach receiving and giving feedback. Our mission is to put YOU in control. Matter makes feedback easier, pleasant, and more productive.

Through our research, Matter has identified the top professional and soft skills that are tied to performance and career success. Contrary to popular belief, these skills can also be taught and learned just like any hard skills. Matter helps professionals tease out blindspots and areas for growth through regular peer-to-peer feedback. Feedback that’s actionable for your personal and career aspirations.

Why Feedback Matters

Feedback is an essential tool for developing and honing professional skills. Regular feedback can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses that are hindering your career advancement. When given constructively, feedback can help identify areas for growth and tease out blindspots.

  • Peer feedback is the silver bullet to reaching your aspirations
  • People perform better when they hear monthly peer feedback (proven by science too!)
  • Everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve mastery, learn, grow, and be respected by their peers

How Professionals Use Matter

Whether you are a software engineer aspiring to become a manager or a designer looking to acquire more clients, getting regular feedback is critical. Matter is helping professionals at all levels get actionable feedback to become the best version of themselves. Learn how professionals from all backgrounds are using Matter to discover their superpowers, blindspots, and growth areas.

  • CEOs who are looking to become better leaders and cultivate company culture
  • Designers who want to grow their professional and soft skills
  • Freelancers who work without a traditional team and want feedback
  • Project Managers looking to improve their cross-functional collaboration skills
  • Software Engineers who aspire to become a tech lead or manager

Become The Best Version Of Yourself With Feedback

Feedback shouldn’t feel like a chore. Take ownership over your career by asking for the right kind of feedback, embracing a growth mindset, and developing critical professional skills.

  • 360-Degree Feedback: Honest communication is a key component to career growth. 360-degree feedback allows you to gather feedback from everyone you work with, not just your manager
  • Growth Mindset: The mindset emphasizes that leadership skills and emotional intelligence and can be learned through consistent effort
  • Matter’s Skills: Through our research, we’ve identified the top professional and soft skills that are tied to performance and career success

Learn. Improve. Grow.

Our mission is to help everyone reach their career aspirations and achieve their professional goals.