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Empowering people with kudos and continuous feedback

Our history

Matter, a well-funded startup, was founded in 2017 by Brett Hellman who previously founded HALL which was acquired by Atlassian in 2015.

Matter came about from a realization while working at a large company. Companies rely on 3rd party tools to help engage employees for feedback, surveys, and performance reviews. Often, these tools fall short of employee expectations, resulting in low adoption and low outcomes.

Matter's aim was to be the preferred tool that employees choose to use.

Our values

Deliver smiles

We strive to bring smiles to our customers. Gathering and giving feedback should feel amazing. Just because feedback has been done a certain way (ahem annual reviews), doesn't mean it should be that way. As a team, we work to make experiencing feedback delightful, fun, and powerful.

Embrace a growth mindset

We champion a culture of lifelong learning. We seek opportunities in learning from each other to grow our respective crafts. We will make mistakes along the way, we are human after all. When we make mistakes, we own up to them and do right by them.

Prioritize wellness

We commit to creating an environment that prioritizes holistic wellness at all levels, from physical health to mental health. This means having a work-life balance to relax, restore, and recharge. We do our best work when we feel our best.

Champion candor

We say what we mean. Candor is at the core of our team and product. It guides how we collaborate and deliver our mission. We take shared responsibility and pride in giving feedback and helping each other grow.

Foster diversity and inclusion

We strive to uncover and address inequities with feedback. This means working to eliminate implicit biases in feedback that impact marginalized communities. We are dedicated to building a diverse team that shares and embraces these values to create an all-inclusive product experience.

Lead with empathy

We default to doing what’s right for our customers, team, and the world. That means making decisions that gravitate towards our customer needs every step of the way. We are committed to delivering our mission to make feedback delightful, positive, and impactful.

Meet the team

Brett Hellman


Sam Lepak

Head of growth

Dmitry Saprykin

Software engineer

Our mission

Matter is the collaborative feedback tool for modern teams.

We’re building the best next-generation app for professionals, teams, and organizations to empower growth and personal betterment on their skills.

Matter comes from the realization that our personal aspirations, goals, and our skills all matter. They make up the pieces that make us brilliant. In many ways, we are the sum of all of our experiences, equally the sum of every single atom that composes our bodies. Matter starts with our core skills, abilities, and our best qualities. On the premise that they matter. You matter!

Our vision

Matter is at the core of happier and stronger team culture.

Our product adds value by centering our experience on public praise and acknowledgment of teams and their members. We're focused on optimizing for Slack and Teams; integrating it into a team's workflow and place of work.