Feedback friday

Get your team on a weekly feedback streak

Matter kicks off Feedback Friday for you

Once a week, Matter kicks off Feedback Friday inside your dedicated Slack channel.

Gamify participation with fun nudges

Matter encourages your team to participate throughout the day with automatic reminders.

Recaps and streaks keep your team engaged

End every Feedback Friday on a high note with a recap and rewards to celebrate everyone who participated.

Start your own Feedback Friday

Feedback Friday is fully customizable:
  • Choose the day that works for your team.
  • Pick a cadence (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly).
  • Create or select an existing Slack #matter channel.

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Teams who set up Feedback Friday get 5X the Kudos

Matter is an answer to all your office needs

Chimney S, Director
“Easy of use. Integration with Slack was so flawless and works like a charm. Team wins and feedback were icing to the cake which I was not expecting, but quite easy to use.”