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Feedback friday

Start a weekly recognition habit

Matter kicks off Feedback Friday

Once a week, Matter kicks off Feedback Friday inside your dedicated Slack or Teams channel.

Gamify participation with fun nudges

Matter encourages people to participate throughout the day with automatic reminders.

Recaps and streaks keep people engaged

End every Feedback Friday on a high note with a recap and rewards to celebrate everyone who participated.

Customize to your needs

Feedback Friday is fully customizable:
  • Choose a day of the week that works for your company.
  • Pick a cadence (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.).
  • Customize messages and message delivery times.

Ready to start Feedback Friday?

  • Free Plan
  • Easy Setup
  • No Credit Card Required
Companies who set up Feedback Friday get 5x the kudos.

“The setup was extremely easy. It had good UX and interface – people knew how to intuitively use it. The channel got popular in the first two weeks.”

Mathis Bogen
Head of Internal Communications