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Rewards Budget Calculator

Increase participation in your employee recognition program, by offering meaning rewards.

Matter gives you total control over your rewards budget and you only pay for rewards employees redeem. Add in your headcount to see a breakdown how of much to budget for. Use the recommended default amounts or customize to your specific needs.

How many people will be using Matter?
(We only charge for users in a Matter-connected channel)
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Monthly recognition allowance
This is the amount you’ll issue to each employee using Matter so they can recognize their peers for great work and valuable contributions. We see the best engagement and participation at $5-$10 or more per person per month.
Set your monthly recognition
allowance per employee
Let’s talk about celebrations!
Celebrations help you never miss a special birthday or commemorating a work anniversary. They’re an easy way to help your whole team celebrate personal and professional milestones without adding any manual administration to your workload (Learn more about Celebrations).
Birthday Celebration
amount per employee
Work Anniversary Celebration
amount per employee
Use it or lose it!
As your employees use their reward allowance to recognize each other with coins, those coins can be redeemed for rewards, such as gift cards, charitable donations, or custom company rewards. Coins that aren’t given out by the end of Feedback Friday go away.

Remember you only pay when employees redeem rewards. On average we see 33% of monthly recognition allowances given away and redeemed as rewards each month. The reason being is that coins are publicly sent and people are conscientious how many coins they are giving away.
Rewards Summary
Employee Count:
Recognition Allowance:
$0 per employee/year
Celebrations Budget:
$0 per employee/year
Forecast yearly reward spend:
$0 for 0 employees