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Pulse Surveys

Pulse surveys that work

Gather continuous, real-time insights

Pulse surveys are fully automated. Receive weekly insights giving you the up-to-the-minute employee feedback.

Best-in-class employee participation

Why employees complete pulse surveys:
  • Works inside Slack or Teams.
  • Never asked the same question within 90-days.
  • Integrates with Matter Rewards.

Measure employee net promoter score (eNPS)

Get to the core of your employee experience with one question. Pinpoint your company’s biggest strengths and weaknesses.

Turn insight into action and measure your impact

Observe how new initiatives and changes impact the employee experience in real-time so you can course-correct or double-down.

Ready to level up with surveys?

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  • No Credit Card Required
Companies that use Matter receive 2.7x more feedback.

"I was astonished because I was used to feedback tools being very unemotional and static. That’s why I love Matter, because it provides necessary structure for an organization while allowing feedback to be enjoyable and personable.”

Dominik Bernhart
Chief Happiness Officer