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Never miss a celebration

Birthday and Work Anniversary Celebration Banners

Add in the dates, Matter does the rest

Three ways to add in dates:
  • Have Matter ask teammates (self-serve, optional) - ideal for birthdays.
  • Upload an Excel file - ideal for work anniversaries.
  • Enable auto-collect and have Matter automatically ask for celebration dates.

Include coins for extra celebration

Automatically add coins to celebration messages to redeem for gift cards, donations, custom company-branded, etc.

Ready to celebrate your people?

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  • No Credit Card Required
Companies who set up birthdays and/or anniversaries get 2x engagement.

“People can get so busy they become unaware of all the good things happening. Matter allows us to see what others are accomplishing and gives us a platform to congratulate each other for wins big and small."

Gabriela Ruiz
Head of People