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Supercharge recognition with rewards

Rewards that people love

Offer gift cards and donations from 1,500+ merchants and 80+ countries (list), or add your own company rewards such as merchandise, etc.

Redeeming coins for rewards

How it works (full details here):
  • Member requests reward and admin is notified.
  • Admin approvals reward request.
  • Gift cards are automatically delivered via email. Company rewards need to be delivered internally.

Budgeting for rewards

Use our Rewards Calculator to estimate cost and determine coin allowances based on your budget.

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Companies who set up Feedback Friday get 5x the kudos.

Great way to boost work culture whilst working remotely

Professional Coach
“Great integration with Slack - my favorite aspect are the kudos messages of encouragement - it really boosts everyone's mood amid working remotely due to the COVID situation in Australia.”