We Are Matter

We’re building the best next-generation app for professionals, teams and organizations to empower growth and personal betterment on their skills.

We launched Matter under the premise, that everyone is deserving of feedback:

  • Young professionals who change jobs frequently
  • Ambitious professionals at large companies with big dreams
  • Freelancers without a team/boss
  • Designers who value the opinions of others
  • Engineers who want to be CTOs
  • Product managers who want to be engineers/designers
  • Recruiters who want to be VPs of human resources


Founded in 2017
Closed our seed round 🌱
Thousands join our community
Thousands of skills rated 👍
Became a team of 10+ 🙌

But why Matter?

Matter comes from the realization that our personal aspirations, goals and our skills all matter. They make up the pieces that make us brilliant. In many ways we are the sum of all of our experiences, equally the sum of every single atom that composes our bodies. Matter starts with our core skills, abilities and our best qualities. On the premise that they matter. You matter!

Our mission is to change the whole way you approach getting feedback. Our mission is to put YOU in control.

Our Values

Health First

Health First

There is much we have learned about achieving work life balance. Taking care of ourselves and those around us is paramount. We foster an open and positive outlook on mental health as well as physical health.
Candor Wins

Candor Wins

We believe in creating a space and atmosphere that is open and inclusive. We choose to “Lead with empathy”. We seek to understand, first and aspire to create an environment that enables us to continually learn and grow.
Say = Do

Say = Do

We will work hard to deliver on our promises as a team. To our customers and ourselves. We will make mistakes, we are human after all. When we do make mistakes, we intend to own up to them and do right by them.
Data & Gut

Data & Gut

We will always put our customers first. We value the “gut of the team” over the “gut of the individual” and validate our decisions through data, experiences and our failures.

Growth-minded professionals need quality feedback to reach their career goals.

Meet our Team

Matter user
Software Engineer
Shannon Byrne
As a developer, direct and candid feedback plays a core role in my day-to-day workflow, especially during code reviews. However, I recall times early in my career where I wasn't as thoughtful when sharing feedback with colleagues outside of my core team. I wish I’d gotten feedback on how my approach was affecting those relationships. I appreciate the way Matter is providing an accessible and structured mechanism for feedback.
Matter user
Software Engineer
Elmar Carillo
Collaboration and real-time feedback have played an instrumental role in my career. I thought I wanted to specialize in backend engineering out of college. However, my team quickly took note of my passion for frontend development and design. Through their feedback, I switched over to a role that aligned with my superpowers. I’ve been fortunate to be on the receiving end of amazing feedback and hope I can do the same for others through Matter.
Matter user
Matthew Eernisse
There have been many times in my career when candid, actionable feedback would have made a bad situation better, or a good situation more awesome. When I started as a manager, I received feedback that my enthusiasm during conversation steamrolls over other people. Receiving ongoing feedback on this has made me a much better listener, and in turn more effective in my work.
Matter user
Software Engineer
Jia Feng
Helpful and candid feedback has transformed the way I view and navigate my career. However, such feedback is so scarce in many workplaces. Being part of a growing Engineering org, I've always appreciated how intentional, yet caring my current team delivers feedback. Their feedback has not only been instrumental to the growth of my technical foundation, but also my development as a leader.
Matter user
Design Strategist & Researcher
Francesca Gabales
Early in my career, I was confused by feedback I received during a formal review. After debriefing with a close mentor, I realized my confusion didn’t stem from the feedback itself, but rather in its delivery. The feedback caught me by surprise. Since then, I’ve sought feedback proactively. This proactiveness has led me to grow in all aspects of my life, from personal development to career ownership.
Matter user
Brett Hellman
At Intuit I was leading an entirely distributed team with daily group video chats. My manager gave me the feedback that my facial expressions were making them feel as if I thought they were stupid. I was totally unaware of non-verbal communication being a “thing” and I felt awful. After correcting the behavior, those team members are now some of my closest friends and colleagues.
Matter user
Product Designer
Aaron Kapor
As a designer, my process relies heavily on honest, constructive criticism. When I started my career, I tended to stay within my comfort zone. As a result, I struggled with how I received feedback. This made me plateau as a problem solver and critical thinker. Today, I’ve gotten past those fears and appreciate the learning opportunities that come from feedback.
Matter user
Founding Engineer
Kerem Kazan
While engaging in the art of communication, I find myself committing a million micro-failures every single day. I am finally aware of both my strengths and weaknesses thanks to the brutally honest feedback I have received. Realizing where I could improve was the first step in becoming a better version of myself. Feedback is just the right tool for that.
Matter user
Software Engineer
Josh Kibbey
As an engineer, I believe improvement is powered by measuring what you want to optimize and using the feedback from your measurements to iterate toward optimum solutions. I want to be the most effective version of myself possible. Consistently getting candid, actionable feedback from my peers helps me make the small course corrections that add up to large, sustainable improvements over time.
Matter user
Office Manager
Melanie Lee
I would not be where I am today without feedback. Early in my career, I would often overcommit beyond my bandwidth. Feedback from my mentors has enabled me to better prioritize key projects and discover my passion. Through my ed-tech background, I have come to embrace that learning is lifelong and the most valuable feedback you'll ever hear will come from the most unexpected places.
Matter user
Content Specialist
Dixie Limbachia
Feedback has helped me pause and appreciate the beauty in struggling. During my first internship, I was told that I wasn't supposed to come in knowing everything. It's about being hungry and eager to learn from your peers. It's with that feedback that helped me embrace all my imperfections and fueled my transformation into a better me. Feedback is about progress, not perfection.
Matter user
Founding Designer
Marc Reisen
Some of the best feedback I received was “you don’t have to do your work alone.” I was an individual contributor working on a large cross-team initiative. I failed, and we decided to stop working on it. I later learned that when someone asks you to do something, it doesn’t mean they are looking for you to be the sole contributor. Ask for their help.
Matter user
Head of Marketing
Tai Tran
As a volunteer and organizer for a mentorship nonprofit, I know first-hand the lasting impact that a growth mindset can have on the lives of our scholars — many of whom are first-generation college students. Helping our students embrace a growth mindset and proactively seek amazing feedback to grow as individuals (and future leaders) has been incredibly rewarding.
Matter user
New Teammate
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