We’re excited to announce the launch of Matter, a new app for professionals to become the best version of themselves. Discover your strengths, feel amazing at work, and reach your career aspirations.

The Future of Productivity
One professional aspect of workplace productivity that is fundamentally broken, yet critical to career success, is peer feedback.

No longer a passive process that is dependent on your boss, Matter puts you in the driver’s seat to become the best version of yourself. With Matter, gathering feedback is a process you actively control. Hence, No Boss Required.™️

So, who is Matter for?

  • Young professionals who change jobs every ~18 months and never have a chance to connect with their boss to get feedback.
  • Ambitious professionals at large companies with big career dreams that extend beyond what their company thinks they should care about.
  • Freelancers without a boss.
  • Designers who value the opinions of people outside their company with whom they work.

How Matter Works

1st: Matter gets to know you and who you work with.

2nd: Matter’s Smart Survey goes to work.
Matter’s Smart Survey gathers professional feedback from your peers. As you get additional feedback, the Smart Survey automatically adapts to ask questions that will provide you with better, more tailored data. Discover your blind spots, track, make actionable changes, and track your improvements.

3rd: Matter delivers you amazing feedback.

Have Questions?
The team is answerings all your questions on ProductHunt. We’d love to hear from you!
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Experience Matter Today
There is so much more we could tell you about Matter, but we encourage you to see for yourself:
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