You’ve probably heard that cliché statement, “Feedback is a gift!” from mentors, supervisors, and bosses more times than you care to remember. Sure it’s catchy, but is it true?

Feedback is NOT a Gift 🎁At Matter, we operate on the very opposite principal. Feedback is NOT a gift and shouldn’t be treated as such.

Here are three reasons why feedback is NOT a gift:

Gifts are Passively Received & Quite Frankly, Feedback Shouldn’t Be.

The process of receiving professional feedback should be active — ask for it, pursue it, search it out with gusto. You don’t go after gifts that way (at least we hope you don’t!).

Gifts are Infrequently Received on Special Occasions.

Again, feedback shouldn’t be. You should be getting feedback routinely as part of an ongoing self-evaluation and monitoring process that helps you take steps toward your career goals. An annual performance review? Doesn’t make any sense. Sure, you celebrate your birthday once a year, but you should be getting feedback much more frequently.

You Don’t Really Need Gifts.

Sure, it feels nice to receive gifts and every once in a while, maybe you receive something you actually like. But more often that not, it’s another coffee mug to add to your overflowing kitchen cabinet or something else for that office gift exchange. Feedback isn’t a “oh-that-would-be-nice-to-have.” Feedback is an essential part of your professional development. You need it. You deserve it. And bonus: You don’t have to write a stuffy thank you note after you receive it.

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