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How to Find Your Professional, Unique Superpowers

April 26, 2021
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According to Harvard Business Review, leaders who focus on identifying and leveraging their strengths reach their full potential. Tapping into your strengths not only helps you become a well-rounded leader, but gives you the confidence to strive for moonshot goals and take on more challenges.

Reflect on how to find your professional, unique superpowers

Learning how to find your professional, unique superpowers is fundamental in developing and honing your leadership skills. Start by simply taking a moment to reflect.

Can you identify your top 3 superpowers?

Exercises to help you find your professional, unique superpowers

Now, it's time to put your reflection into action. Finding opportunities to implement your leadership skills can allow you to find your professional, unique superpowers.

  • Think about the last time someone asked for your help on a project. List and reflect on how your unique skills prompted your teammate to seek guidance from you.
  • Ask 5 trusted colleagues to pinpoint your top 3 strengths. Pick teammates that you have collaborated or worked closely with on past projects.
  • Pull professional skills from your interests and hobbies. For example, if you’re an avid reader you may be detail-oriented and possess strong analytical thinking skills.
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