How to Come into Your Meeting with a Problem and Solution

October 29, 2020
3 Min Read
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According to Forbes, persuasion is a “top leadership and communication skill.” In order to persuade others and encourage real change, you need to learn how to present and explain your ideas in a way that’s easy for your audience to understand and digest.

Reflect on how to bring a problem and solution to your meeting

Learning how to bring a problem and solution is fundamental in developing and honing your communication skills. Start by simply taking a moment to reflect.

Do you come with problems or solutions?

Exercises to help you come in with a problem and solution

Now, it's time to put your reflection into action. Finding opportunities to implement your communication skills can allow you to bring a problem and solution to your meeting.  

  • Clearly state the problem at hand to your team. Be clear, concise, and succinct when providing context to the issue.
  • Research alternative ways to combat the issue. Do your due diligence by covering all possible implications and anticipating questions from your team.
  • Provide your recommended proposals to your team. Present the top 3 choices and consider: “Here are the 3 options we have. I recommend going with the last one because…”
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