According to Harvard Business Review, one secret to teamwork is “optimally design[ing] tasks and processes.” Your team can’t collaborate effectively if there are no systems in place. Agreeing on the processes, big or small, keeps your team engaged and allows asynchronous collaboration.

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Reflect on how to see eye-to-eye with your team

Learning how to see eye-to-eye with your team is fundamental in developing and honing your leadership skills. Start by simply taking a moment to reflect.

Was a past project successful because of the result or your approach?

Exercises to help you see eye-to-eye with your team

Now, it's time to put your reflection into action. Finding opportunities to implement your leadership skills can allow you to see eye-to-eye with your team.

  • List 3 key learnings from the most recent cross-functional project. Ask a teammate on that project to do the same. Compare notes and come to a consensus on 3 takeaways.
  • Send your meeting notes to your team after each sync-up. Slack message or email notes of your specific duties and deliverables to ensure everyone’s on the same page.  
  • Ask your team how they would like to structure future huddles before wrapping up your kick-off meeting. Be direct and consider: “What’s on the agenda for the next check-in?”

Additional resources to help you see eye-to-eye with your team

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