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You. Us. We all Matter.
We’re passionate about personal growth.

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Matter is based in San Francisco. Our office is situated in SOMA between 3rd and 4th street. We’re a stone throw away from the famed Southpark park.

Open roles:

🚀 Full-Stack Engineer

Matter is looking for a talented, friendly and thoughtful full-stack engineer who shares our passion for building products that truly delight users.

As one of the first 10 employees at Matter, you must feel comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • You’ve been building web applications professionally for 3+ years.
  • You have experience with front-end programming languages — e.g., React, Angular or Ember.
  • You can lead technical architecture discussions and help drive technical decisions.
  • You write understandable, testable code with an eye towards maintainability.
  • You have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent work experience.

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About Matter

Matter was born out of a fundamental concept: Growth-minded professionals need quality feedback to reach their career goals. This idea, while straightforward, is not carried out in today’s companies for a variety of reasons:

  1. The majority of bosses are not trained to provide quality feedback
  2. Company goals are frequently misaligned with professionals’ long-term plans
  3. Feedback is too sporadic

Moreover, the current products that are used to provide feedback are just plain boring and ineffective. However, the issue is much deeper than the current tools. That’s why we didn’t set out to change those products (or change your boss!) — that would be like putting a band-aid on the problem. Our mission is to change the whole way you approach getting feedback. Our mission is to put YOU in control.

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Our mission is to help everyone reach their career aspirations and achieve their professional goals.