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Continuous Feedback

Grow regularly and intentionally

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Matter makes feedback giving a habit

Whether it’s monthly or quarterly, your team can choose who they want feedback and skills they want to work on.

Help your team know how they’re doing

Every survey serves as a pulse check to help your team know how they’re doing holistically.

Turn feedback on autopilot

Set it up once and leave it to Matter to help your team gather new feedback.

Make continuous feedback your own

Your team can customize continuous feedback:
  • Choose the skills they want to work on.
  • Select the cadence (weekly, monthly, quarterly).
  • Pick who they want to hear from regularly.

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Of employees are more productive when they regularly receive feedback.

"I was astonished because I was used to feedback tools being very unemotional and static. That’s why I love Matter, because it provides necessary structure for an organization while allowing feedback to be enjoyable and personable.”

Dominik Bernhart
Chief Happiness Officer