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Cashrewards - Loyalty & Retail Program

"Our brand is less formal, more “joy and yay”. Matter allows us to bring our sense of personality to our culture."

Gabriela Ruiz - Head of People at Hunty
Sabrina Roccazzella
Human Resources Business Partner

About 👏

Company: Cashrewards is an Australian cashback reward program, founded in 2014. It enables users to get a portion of their cash back when making a purchase online or in-store at over 2,000 retailers. In addition to offering cashback, Cashrewards also features a selection of exclusive offers and promotions from its retail partners.

Industry: B2C eCommerce - Loyalty & Retail Program

Employees: 270

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺

Key Use Cases: Feedback Friday, Kudos, Custom Kudos

Interview: Sabrina Roccazzella, HRBP

Why Cashrewards chose Matter 🏆

As a fast-growing hybrid company, Cashrewards wanted to create a culture of recognition for employees that was easy to use with their heavy Microsoft Teams users. Sabrina mentioned, “We’re in Microsoft Teams all day, every day. Matter worked perfectly because it works where we work. We were confident we were going to get a good uptake in usage.”

How Cashrewards uses Matter 🚀

Cashrewards uses Matter’s core recognition features: Feedback Friday, Kudos, and Custom Kudos. Sabrina states, “The recognition loop (Feedback Friday) was big for us. It helped us kickstart kudos. Plus, it integrated well with our culture as we love GIFs, emojis, etc.”

The Value of Matter for Cashrewards 📈

Their biggest win as Sabrina mentioned is, “Being able to bring our “joy and yay” personality across a fun and easy way.” From recent surveys, Cashrewards has heard that over 90% of their employees feel comfortable giving and receiving feedback, and 72% feel comfortable with recognition. Even in their hybrid environment, Sabrina noted, “We’re seeing appreciation across multiple teams (e.g., operations and client services). The visibility across the business has had a big uptake.”

Lessons Learned / Advice for Others ✏️

“It’s all about your culture. Our brand is less formal, more “joy and yay”. Matter allows us to bring our sense of personality to the recognition that fits our culture.”