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DYODE - E-Commerce & Web Development

“The reward options that you can redeem Matter coins for are unrivaled! Definitely the most extensive selection of companies/gift cards to choose from.”

Gabriela Ruiz - Head of People at Hunty
Chris Miller
E-Commerce Manager

About 👏

Company: DYODE is an industry-recognized eCommerce agency focused on web development, UX design, strategic consulting, digital marketing, and more. Founded by two former heads of eCommerce and staffed with industry veterans, they’ve been in your shoes.

Industry: E-Commerce & Web Development

Employees: 40+

Headquarters: California, USA 🇺🇸

Key Use Cases: Feedback Friday, Kudos, Rewards

Interview: Chris Miller - E-Commerce Manager

Why DYODE chose Matter 🏆

Chris and the team love that Matter works where they work. As he mentions, “It's incredibly easy to set up and use. Our company has it integrated with Slack and it's very straightforward to give kudos to coworkers.”

How DYODE uses Matter 🚀

Chris is a big fan of Matter’s Feedback Friday, “I love how it encourages more interaction and positive relations between coworkers, as well as an avenue for employees to hear/receive recognition and appreciation for their efforts—something often missing in a workplace, especially with so many of us at my company working remotely.”

One thing that helps bring some fun and energy to the DYODE workplace are the custom kudos. Chris says, “I love customizing them. We have one called “I See You”, with a picture of the Eye of Sauron (Lord of the Rings reference) tower looming in the picture. Just fun stuff. The daily work grind can be brutal sometimes, so why not add a little light hearted fun to it?”

After barriers were broken down to get people to start giving kudos, Chris shares, “Most weeks we're seeing everyone giving kudos or at least maybe like 80% to 90% plus.”

Chris feels that all the recognition and appreciation is making a difference, “It’s nice to let coworkers know that they’re doing a great job, or that you appreciate them—it makes such a difference. I feel like people are starting to see the positive impact that it makes on employees' morale and then through that, engaging more regularly.”

The Value of Matter for DYODE 📈

One of Chris’s favorite things about Matter are the rewards. He enthusiastically shares, “The reward options that you can redeem Matter coins for are unrivaled! Definitely the most extensive selection of companies/gift cards to choose from, and good ones that people would actually want/use. Everything from Amazon to Uber, Airbnb to restaurants and bars — plus about 100 or more other options to choose from. I've never seen such an extensive list of gift cards offered.”

Lessons Learned / Advice for Others ✏️

Chris’s advice to others who are on the fence, “100% do it. I personally couldn't recommend it more. I think it's just a really great tool. It's super simple, easy to use, and a nice boost to connecting employees. It’s also a great way to help boost the team morale. It’s just nice to feel that you're seen and that you're appreciated—that people are actually noticing and giving you some recognition for your efforts, and I think that’s awesome. It's nice too, because it's not like the company has to spend thousands and thousands on recognizing each employee. The pricing is very reasonable, and through that, they're able to kind of let their employees build that community and build that appreciation on their own, which is great. All in all, I think Matter is an awesome tool.”