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Fireflies.ai - AI Meeting Notetaker

"Being a high-performance team, Matter helps us take a moment out of our busy day to share heartfelt gratitude with kudos."

Gabriela Ruiz - Head of People at Hunty
Sam Udotong
CTO & Co-founder

About 👏

Company: There is a tremendous amount of gold buried inside your customer conversations. Fireflies.ai wants to help you unlock that data in the most seamless way possible by capturing your calls and meetings.

Fireflies.ai brings the voice of the customer to every person inside your organization. Imagine being able to automatically enrich your CRM and remember every conversation you've ever had without lifting a finger.

That's what's possible with Fireflies and Voice AI.

Industry: Software Development

Company Size: 100+

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA 🇺🇸

Key Use Cases: Feedback Friday, Kudos

Interview: Sam Udotong, CTO & Co-founder

Why Fireflies chose Matter 🏆

Before Matter, Fireflies.ai already had an internal culture of celebrating people for good work, and as they were growing, they wanted to scale it further. Sam found Matter in the app store and mentioned, “We’re heavy Slack users. So it was important to have something work where we work”.

As for rollout communication, it was simple, Sam said, “We installed Matter and announced that it was to be used for when people were thinking of their teammates. People took it from there.”

How Fireflies uses Matter 🚀

Fireflies primarily use the Feedback Friday and kudos features. Sam specifically calls out the kudos, “I like the generated kudos card images. The message templates add creativity to the recognition.”

The Value of Matter for Fireflies 📈

Sam likens the Fireflies culture to a high-performance sports team, “Being a very high-performance team that does a lot of amazing work, every week, our people are getting better and faster. And sometimes, it can be difficult to take a moment out of our busy day to share really heartfelt gratitude. Matter provides that outlet for us with their kudos feature. It allows us to continue to perform at our best, while still being able to celebrate at the same time. Matter has been really helpful in complementing our culture in this way.”

Lessons Learned / Advice for Others ✏️

As for words of wisdom from Sam, he recommends, “Choose tools that embed your culture into your company. I believe Matter is one of those, especially if your company has a gratitude culture. Being grateful is a good human quality, and Matter helps embody that quality."