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Hunty - Job Training Program

"People can get so busy with their work, that they become unaware of all the good things happening across the company. Matter allows us to see what others are accomplishing and gives us a platform to congratulate each other for wins big and small. I’ve seen a great shift, especially in our HR department, where we’re now being recognized for the support we give every day rather than only being called upon when we’re needed for something. I believe this is true for many other teams at Hunty as well.”

Gabriela Ruiz - Head of People at Hunty
Gabriela Ruiz
Head of People

About 👏

Company: Hunty is a personalized training program to help people find their dream jobs. They connect employers with potential candidates while offering job seekers workforce training and mentorships to advance their skillset and professionalism. Since its founding, Hunty has helped over 3,000 people find their perfect roles. 

Industry: B2C SaaS - Job Training and Recruitment

Employees: 200

Headquarters: Mexico 🇲🇽 and Colombia 🇨🇴

Key Use Cases: Kudos, Rewards

Interview: Gabriela Ruiz, Head of People

Why Hunty chose Matter 🏆

As a fast-growing startup, the Hunty team wanted to find a tool to create a culture of recognition for employees and encourage company value-based development. In early 2022 they held recognition awards for the team, sending out a voting form with various categories to teammates and asking them to nominate a colleague in each. After these awards, the HR department received feedback from the team that the awards process didn’t feel approachable or authentic, because they weren’t sure why these people were being recognized– meaning that they weren’t getting insight into the good work happening across the company or outside of their team. Gaby went into an online HR group and was recommended to Matter by several of its members, so decided to give it a shot!

How Hunty uses Matter 🚀

Hunty relies on Matter to create a culture where “feedback is a gift,” and recognition is frequent and transparent. Matter was introduced to the Hunty team as a response to their feedback in an all-hands meeting, where Gabriela introduced kudos and encouraged teammates to try it and see if it fit their needs. She adds, “People started sending kudos right away, and Matter was quickly understood, adopted, and loved by our teammates." Kudos give insight into good work happening across departments and makes sure that everyone is publicly recognized.

Gabriela also loves that Matter continues to update and improve its product. “I love hearing about new features like Rewards because I can think of ways to use it with the Hunty team as part of larger culture initiatives, and it keeps the team excited about our culture and using Matter.”

The Value of Matter for Hunty 📈

Gabriela reports that people across Hunty are more motivated to do good work and to recognize their teammates’ contributions, creating a feeling of productivity and camaraderie across the company. As Hunty works with companies and potential employees every day, they know how important culture is to engagement and job satisfaction. Matter provides their internal team with the right tools to create the culture they want at Hunty.

Lessons Learned / Advice for Others ✏️

“I highly recommend Matter! This is a very complete tool to support your team and their professional growth. At Hunty, we’re all about improving careers and skill growth, and Matter is the best tool for supporting your team to do the same. There are additional features to Kudos and Feedback Friday that can support your startup or business as you grow.”