NeoWork - Outsourcing Agency for Design, Animation, and Operations

“The industry average in the Philippines for Business Process Outsourcing Companies is awful, with retention rates around 60%. NeoWork has a 92% retention rate and Matter plays a very important role in keeping our teammates happy and engaged. I'm a big believer in investing in supporting our existing teammates, rather than putting money into recruiting and training, which creates a “revolving door” culture that doesn't work for anyone. Matter has allowed our company to set up for long-term success by providing a tool to invest in our amazing employees.”

Gabriela Ruiz - Head of People at Hunty
Joshua Eidelman
Co-Founder and CEO

About 👏

Company: NeoWork is a business process outsourcing company, helping businesses outsource customer support, sales outreach, design, animation, and operations roles to their teammates in Colombia and the Philippines.

Industry: Outsourcing and Operations

Employees: 63

Headquarters: USA 🇺🇸, Colombia 🇨🇴, and the Philippines 🇵🇭

Key Use Cases: Kudos, Analytics

Interview: Joshua Eidelman, Co-Founder and CEO

Why NeoWork chose Matter 🏆

NeoWork wanted to differ from its competitors by offering a great work environment and meaningful benefits. By focusing on the wellness and mental health of the team with tools like Matter, they’ve improved retention and made NeoWork a top choice for employees in the field. As Joshua says, “The ethos of NeoWork is the new method of work for the outsourcing industry.”

NeoWork does internal competitions every quarter using Matter, awarding the teammate that receives the most NeoWork value kudos each quarter with an all-exclusive paid fine dining experience for two. The leadership team at Neowork has become reliant on Matter for tracking who on the team is exemplifying the company values in their daily work and recognizing accomplishments of all sizes across their international team.

How NeoWork uses Matter 🚀

Joshua implemented Matter for the team to create a regular recognition process, encouraging peer-to-peer praise and celebrating wins happening across the team. By creating custom kudos tied to the NeoWork company values, the team’s culture focuses on taking their values “off of the wall” and incentivizing teammates for following these values in daily practice. 

With Admin Analytics, the founders reward the teammate that receives the most kudos each quarter with a paid holiday and dining experience for exemplifying company values!

The Value of Matter for NeoWork 📈

Since NeoWork is a fully remote company, Matter allows the team to connect in a meaningful way. It also provides the framework for their broader company culture – recognizing and rewarding the team the team for living up to company values any and every day.  

Joshua also found that Matter gave leadership better visibility into all of NeoWork’s employees and accounts. “It equals the playing field in terms of teammates being recognized for their contributions and being given attention and opportunities to move up in the company – whether they’re a part of a significant account or working as a one-person team with our smaller company clients.”

Lessons Learned / Advice for Others ✏️

"Matter is a really straightforward tool, meaning the UI is really easy! It was as simple as making the team aware of a new tool in our Slack workspace, and adaption grew naturally from there.

Of course, because we use kudos to determine our quarterly MVP, there’s further incentive for the team to send kudos to each other regularly. Kudos always give you those warm fuzzy feelings, and with this added benefit, they become even more powerful."