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Feedback Surveys

Gather feedback and level up your people

Share feedback on-demand and consistently

Allow people to initiate feedback on a recurring basis or in the moment inside Slack or Teams.

Skills and prompts make feedback actionable

Self-guided prompts and skills help your people give more actionable and constructive feedback.

Discover your blind spots and super powers

Empower your people to gather feedback and work on skills that matter most.

Make feedback surveys your own

Personalize how you want feedback:
  • Choose what skills you want to work on.
  • Create custom skills for specific needs.
  • Select who you want to hear from.

Ready to level up with feedback?

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Companies that use Matter receive 2.7x more constructive feedback.

Great product, a game changer!

Janet Y. - Community Engagement
“I was looking for something like Matter, because my team works remotely. Giving feedback and requesting feedback fits perfectly to create a better company culture, team engagement, and overall positive energy.”