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What is 360-Degree Feedback?

The growth mindset emphasizes that skills like leadership and interpersonal communication can be learned through consistent efforts.

As professionals, we all want to be the absolute best version of ourselves! The best way to reach our full potential and develop a wide range of skills is to get regular, continuous, and actionable feedback. 360-degree feedback is the method by which professionals can openly give and receive feedback from their peers to reach their full potential and help everyone else around them to do the same. Matter’s 360-degree feedback gives you the opportunity to gather and receive feedback from everyone you work with on any number of skills. This allows you to grow in your interpersonal skills, abilities, and overall career, not just get better at your current job. Matter helps you discover your strengths, identify areas for growth, and make your dreams a reality.

How Does 360-Degree Feedback Work with Matter?

At the outset Matter asks you a series of fun, lightweight questions that help us get to know you. We then use your answers to recommend skills to gather feedback on from your peers. Selecting the skills that you value the most enables Matter’s Smart Survey to provide you with the valuable feedback you need to grow toward those goals.

With your permission, Matter will contact the people you work with to solicit honest, thoughtful feedback about your performance in focus area you have selected. Typically, professionals ask for feedback from their superiors, team members, peers, and clients. The more feedback you receive, the more useful Matter becomes in helping you develop your skill set. Matter will asks questions that are designed to give you tailored, confidential data, which you can use to identify actionable changes that you can make that will help you improve your personal performance.

Why Is 360-Degree Feedback So Effective?

Ultimately, the 360-degree feedback you receive can help you see yourself as others see you -- which is often an eye-opening experience that may be missing from your traditional performance review process. The 360-degree feedback system is designed around one thing: your personal growth. By eliminating the blind spots in the standard performance review process, we make it possible for you to discover and overcome the hidden limitations that are holding you back in your career.

Since the evaluations are consistently being solicited, you are able to see all the different perspectives of your performance -- on a continual basis. This is a vast improvement on the once or twice yearly performance reviews that are standard in many companies.

Who Can Benefit From Matter’s 360-Degree Feedback?

Matter is specifically designed to benefit each professional in an organization. Unlike most feedback tools that cater almost entirely to managers, Matter aims to enhance the skills of the entire organization by focusing on each individual, from the entry-level position all the way up to the CEO.


Professionals at all levels can benefit from Matter’s 360-degree feedback, whether you are just starting your career or are looking to make that next big change. If you’re just beginning your professional career, you can use 360-degree feedback to eliminate stumbling blocks in your interpersonal skills and elsewhere that can limit your effectiveness. If you’re looking to advance into management, you can use the feedback in order to make micro-changes that will help you grow in your leadership capabilities and put you in a position to be effective in positions with more responsibilities.


Managers can use Matter’s 360-degree feedback system to gain a deeper awareness of their core strengths and main weaknesses. Because the data from your feedback is organized in a way that is easy to evaluate, you can transform the information into a development plan. Whether you’re ultimately seeking upward mobility, trying to better motivate your team, or just using the information for your own personal growth, Matter gives you everything you need to get started in the right direction. It takes the mystery out of self-improvement.


Even freelancers who are self-employed can benefit from Matter’s feedback platform. When you don’t have a regular boss, it can be very difficult to know how well your performance measures up to other people’s expectations. By asking your clients for their feedback, you can get a true understanding of how knowledgeable and effective you are perceived to be at what you do.

Are You Ready For Some Amazing Feedback?

If you’re ready to take control of your growth and accept the challenge of personal improvement, Matter is ready to help! Register for an account and get started with Matter today.

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