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8 Coworker Appreciation Memes (+7 Tips for Sending)

December 8, 2021
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Table of Contents:

What are coworker appreciation memes?

Coworker appreciation memes are images or pictures with funny everyday scenarios. Typically these pictures have a text overlay which can be used as jokes or compliments for when someone does something well at the office.

A coworker appreciation meme is a fun way to celebrate each other, something that can be done during both small and life-changing events. They are more laid back than giving someone at the office flowers or buying them lunch out, but they're funnier.

Benefits of a coworker appreciation meme

Coworkers appreciate the opportunity to express gratitude toward those who collaborate with them. Using humor and shared experience creates goodwill among coworkers and builds a stronger team overall. The lack of such gestures can lead to feelings of alienation, low morale, and even resentment toward management or other workers. Coworkers who feel appreciated by their peers will be more motivated to work harder and contribute more effort toward group projects. 

There are also several benefits associated specifically with coworker appreciation memes themselves: 

  1. Acknowledging the positive contributions that coworkers make in the workplace through a GIF, image, meme, or video is a fun and memorable way to express gratitude. 
  2. Coworkers who appreciate their peers will likely be more inclined to participate in building their own memes, further maximizing the benefits of appreciation.
  3. The creation and sharing of coworker appreciation memes help companies boost morale and create a sense of community among employees. 
  4. According to the Economic Report: Future Workforce by Upwork, the number of remote workers is expected to increase by 50% soon. Coworker appreciation memes can help bridge the gap between physical workplaces and virtual communities by offering ways for workers to connect across geographic boundaries via social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. 
  5. The widespread use of video and image-sharing websites, such as YouTube and Tumblr, has increased the ability of coworkers to share their appreciation for one another. These vehicles increase the likelihood that a coworker appreciation meme will be seen by others outside the original creator's immediate circle.

8 Coworker appreciation memes

Here are nine of our favorite coworker appreciation memes for various circumstances, from birthday wishes to just saying thank you:

  1. Birthday thank you: This meme from Someecards uses some tongue-in-cheek humor that all coworkers will get a chuckle from.

  1. For your work bestie: Who wouldn’t find this adorable?

  1. For your lunch buddy: Bored Panda knows how lonely lunch will be!

  1. For a coworker who is quitting: What a sad day it will be!

  1. For good teamwork: This meme from Meme Generator gets it right!

  1. Generic thank you: Keep it professional with this Reader’s Digest meme.

  1. Employee appreciation week: Memes Monkey has the perfect meme for employee appreciation week!

  1. For awesome coworkers: This classic meme was shared by Fairy God Boss.

7 tips for sending a coworker appreciation meme

The following is a list of tips for sending a coworker appreciation meme:

  1. Know your audience: Will this meme be well-received in the workplace, or will it come across as unprofessional? If you wouldn't share something with your boss, don't send it to your coworker!
  2. Be appropriate: Make certain the language is professional and the image is appropriate for the workplace.
  3. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes: When trying to convey the message of appreciation via meme, nobody wants to see anything less than stellar. Proofread before sharing!
  4. Be timely: If your colleague's birthday is coming up, you should probably send out that meme ASAP. Waiting too long will be viewed as lacking in effort and enthusiasm!
  5. Be considerate: When sending these coworker appreciation memes via text/IM/email, remember what it feels like to be on the receiving end. You know your friends are going to send you text messages about how great your day was or what they got you for your birthday; this isn't necessarily the same with co-workers who don't know each other as well. If your coworker has had a particularly rough day, ease them into the idea of sending this meme with something like, "I just wanted to say you did a fantastic job at today's meeting and I love working with you!"
  6. Don’t be pushy: Regardless of whether or not people are receptive to receiving these memes, remember that they are free to decline participation. You don't have to include everybody in every message you send out; variety is good! Just respect their decision if they do not wish to participate in this coworker appreciation meme program.
  7. Be positive: It's important to recognize somebody's hard work, but keep your attitude light and fun.

Coworker appreciation memes software

We all know that feeling. You come into work, and your coworker has left you a thank you card or some other token of appreciation for working with them. It feels really good, right?

But what if there was software that could have a similar effect and sends your appreciation automatically? What if every morning when you walked in the door, you got a new digital "thank you" text or email from your coworkers? That'd be pretty nice, wouldn't it?

Well, guess what? Such software exists! Here are some options:

  • Memetizer: This is an online meme generator that sends out your memes automatically via RSS. This can be fully integrated with Slack.
  • Mematic: Known as The Meme Maker, this is a highly rated app that you can use to create memes straight from your iPhone.
  • Matter: This is a free Slack app that allows you to send kudos and praise to coworkers and employees. Matter’s mission is to make providing and receiving feedback fun and interactive!

These apps make a wonderful addition to any workplace. You can avoid awkward conversations about appreciation because programmers wrote the software for you! All your coworker needs is an email address or Slack login, and they're ready to go. Plus, they're all open source! Now there's no excuse not to sign up and show some gratitude towards those around you!

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