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8 Different Types of Peer Feedback Examples

October 21, 2021
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Peer feedback is an important part of professional development, but it isn't always easy to know what peer feedback should actually sound like, especially when you are giving peer feedback.

There are many ways employee feedback can be given. Whether you are giving feedback to a peer for their tardiness or bad attitude, it's important to know how to go about giving them constructive feedback. Today we'll be going over various different scenarios and positive feedback examples of each, for a wide range of different topics. Keep in mind that you should focus on giving constructive criticism in a peer evaluation, and not lean too heavily into negative feedback in order to ensure that it's still effective feedback.

Peer feedback examples for speaking over others

"I feel like sometimes you speak over me in meetings. It makes it difficult for me to contribute when you take up all the time."

"In conversations, it appears that you sometimes talk over me. If I am trying to contribute, it would help if you gave others a chance to talk as well. Next time, if someone else has something important to say, let them finish their thought before jumping in with yours."

Peer feedback examples about missing deadlines

"It's really disappointing that we didn't meet our deadline today. I expected more from my peer."

"You said that you were overwhelmed with work and that is why we didn't meet our deadline today. However, the project was due yesterday so there wasn't much wiggle room with the deadline. I hope that we can meet deadlines in the future, as it's important to me to be on time with projects."

Peer feedback examples for poor communication skills

"I've noticed that you tend to assume a lot. When I ask if something is OK, you just say 'yes' without really checking in first. It makes me feel like my opinion isn't valued, which is frustrating."

"When we worked on the project last week, I would have appreciated it if you checked in and made sure we were both on the same page before moving forward. We may not always see eye-to-eye but it's important to respect one another and take each into consideration when working together."

Peer feedback examples about tardiness

"You are always late. It's disrespectful to the time that others have set aside to prepare for our meetings."

"It can be frustrating when someone is late because it makes me feel like my time isn't respected. If there was something you needed to finish before coming in, I'd love to hear more so we can work together better in the future."

Peer feedback examples for decreased productivity

"I wish you would pull your weight around here. You aren't meeting expectations and it's honestly really annoying."

"Everyone has off-days but I feel like lately your performance hasn't been up-to-par with what is expected of you. If there is anything that we can do to help you perform better, we would like to hear it so we can work together as a team."

Peer feedback examples for a toxic attitude

"I wish you could be more positive and supportive. Your negativity is really draining and I don't want to spend my days with someone who has such a negative outlook."

"There are parts of your attitude that I find discouraging, which makes it hard for me to want to spend time with you or work on projects together. If there's something that's been holding you back emotionally, I'd love to talk about ways we can both try and resolve the issue."

Peer feedback examples about rudeness

"I'm tired of your backhanded comments around here. Sometimes it feels like you're just trying to be mean."

"I don't appreciate it when you make snide remarks about other people or their work. It's really discouraging and disrespectful, which makes me feel less confident going into meetings with you present. Please think before you speak from now on."

Peer feedback examples for office gossip

"Sometimes it feels like all we do is talk behind each other's backs. I wish we could support one another more."

"When we pass judgment on others without giving them a chance to explain themselves, the trust among our peers starts to break down. We need to make sure nobody feels excluded from any peer interactions because it makes everyone feel uncomfortable and insecure about their place here at Workplace Inc."

These peer feedback examples can serve as helpful ways for getting across your message when you have something important to say, without getting too personal or heavy-handed in a peer assessment. Next time it's your turn to give a peer review, try using some of these positive feedback examples. The key to a good peer review session is offering corrective feedback that has a positive attitude and praises good work. Hopefully this article was some sort of help for you, and will make your next peer feedback session that much easier.

For those interested in learning more on this subject, then feel free to take a look at our comprehensive guide to peer feedback. And if you found this article helpful or useful in any way, then consider trying out Matter, a free Slack app that promotes a positive work environment, giving constructive feedback to fellow peers, and overall allowing for better employee engagement.

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