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6 Effective Tips for Giving Peer Feedback

October 20, 2021
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In the peer review process, it is important to be tactful and kind when providing feedback. Today we'll be discussing six helpful tips for making peer feedback in the workplace easier but both you and the peer that you will be reviewing.

And before we continue, consider checking out our comprehensive guide to peer feedback where we delve much deeper into the subject of peer reviews.

Tip 1 - Do be specific

Don't beat around the bush when giving feedback. Be specific in what you are saying, and don't generalize. Try using specific examples if it is helpful. Part of giving effective feedback to a coworker includes being specific and clear about what is working and what needs to be improved. Sometimes using some sort of feedback rubric can make it easier to get into specifics, as some sort of feedback form or template can often feature specific categories and questions that you can use in the feedback process.

Tip 2 - Do focus on their strengths

Make peer feedback an effective and positive experience by encouraging them with your thoughts on their strengths and improvements that they could make over time. No one likes to feel like they are being ridiculed or that they are incapable, so instead focus more on offering positive feedback rather than negative feedback.

Even if there is a peer in your workplace that may rub you the wrong way, try to focus on their positives when giving peer feedback. The key to giving quality feedback to one's peer is to offer some constructive criticism without being overly negative.

Tip 3 - Do make it a two-way conversation

When peer reviewing a colleague, it should be a two-way conversation and not just one person speaking. The other peer should be given the opportunity to weigh in on your feedback as well to ensure that there is transparency within the peer review process.

Some companies may opt for anonymous peer reviews but this can lead to problems such as misrepresentations and negative reactions. Make peer feedback a two-way conversation where both peers have the ability to provide constructive criticism and feedback to one another.

Tip 4 - Don't be overly critical

When critiquing a fellow employee's performance, remember that the goal is not to be overly critical or to tear apart your peer's work. Instead, a peer evaluation is meant to give helpful suggestions so that they can be improved. No one likes being told their work is garbage when it isn't, so always remember to offer constructive feedback and to have a growth mindset.

Tip 5 - Don't use inflammatory language

It is important to never use inflammatory language when giving peer feedback. Even if the peer that you are reviewing has made some mistakes, using derogatory or dismissive words will only cause tension between both parties and cause your peer to get defensive.

Instead of creating an uncomfortable environment during peer review sessions, find a way to make constructive criticism more comfortable for both you and your peer. Peer feedback sessions are intended to be a learning experience, so try to stay respectful and professional while giving feedback.

Tip 6 - Don't discuss peer reviews with others

At the end of peer review sessions, it is advised not to speak about what was discussed in your peer feedback session. After all, a peer review is meant to be a semi-private experience between you and your peer so there is no need to make a big deal over them by sharing your corrective feedback with others.

Peer feedback is a great tool for helping both you and your peer become better workers, but peer reviewing can be difficult without knowing what to say or how to say it. If you follow these six tips when peer reviewing then it will help make the process run smoothly and effectively.

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