7 Effective Peer Recognition Examples in 2023

December 21, 2021
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Peer recognition is a form of peer feedback that can enhance workplace culture and employee motivation, build trust among peers, as well as help improve employee retention. Today we'll be sharing some great peer recognition examples, with the hope that it will help you to better implement proper employee recognition within your business.

P.S. If you'd like to learn more about this topic, then take a look at our comprehensive guide to peer recognition!

Point-based systems for peer recognition

A peer point system allows employees to receive points (most often, 1 point per peer nomination or peer comment) that can be redeemed for prizes, rewards, or bonuses. This type of employee recognition system has the potential to boost employee engagement and stimulate friendly competition among coworkers which can both have a positive impact on workplace culture.

Additionally, since the value of peer feedback versus an individual manager's evaluation is becoming increasingly recognized within organizations, it has become clear that peer recognition may also help reduce employee turnover.

LinkedIn endorsements for peer recognition

With LinkedIn now the world's largest professional networking website, peer recognition through LinkedIn endorsements is a great way to recognize and appreciate one another. For example, a worker could offer an employee reward for a peer's great work in the form of offering an endorsement in their teamwork ability on their LinkedIn profile. This type of recognition reward is particularly effective as it serves to help an employee in their career path, even after leaving a specific company.

Award certificates for peer recognition

If peer recognition is not part of your company culture, then award certificates may be a good way to introduce it. You can design fun peer awards that employees will want to display with pride on their desktops or elsewhere around the office! This makes for a fun way of offering employee appreciation and is an effective recognition strategy without having to use peer recognition software for the less tech-savvy business owners.

Free coffee (or food) for peer recognition

Another fun way to offer recognition to a peer is by simply buying them coffee, lunch, or a small snack. While a small gesture, it can go a long way with showing your appreciation for fellow peers and can help make somebody's day.

Thank-you cards or handwritten notes for peer recognition

No peer recognition ideas are more appreciated than a heartfelt thank you card (or hand-written note). While it might be considered a bit old-school nowadays, a handwritten note can go a long way as it's a much more personal kind of peer recognition. Making a hand-written card or note with a special quote is a very effective way of offering gratitude to a peer, and offering some very meaningful recognition.

Social media for peer recognition

Of course, if you happen to be a remote worker or prefer digital means of communication, then you might prefer using social media to offer peer recognition to a fellow worker. Social media can also be an effective way of recognizing employees, and offer public recognition of others' success. Either way, both digital and in-person thanks can prove effective.

Other peer recognition software

Peer recognition platforms are specifically designed to assist peers with giving and receiving recognition and constructive feedback. By using an employee recognition program, a business can simplify its employee engagement platform by putting it all in one easy-to-access place.

For example, Matter allows you to recognize employees for their hard work and celebrate great peer achievement through Slack. By gathering peer feedback through surveys, polls, and tools, managers have the opportunity to give peer awards with an anonymous or public shout-out! It's also completely free, which is a huge bonus.

With so many examples of giving peer recognition, your business must implement a proper peer recognition program within your organization. If you're looking for a peer recognition platform that can help track peer awards and peer recognition among other metrics then take a look at Matter. Matter provides an online peer feedback system to give employees the chance to provide peer recognition through easy surveys, polls, and tools while allowing managers to anonymously award peer points.

If you're ready to start your peer recognition platform, take a look at Matter today!

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