Peer-to-Peer Recognition Programs [7 Examples]

December 28, 2021
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Peer recognition programs offer many benefits to businesses and should be implemented into companies wishing to improve their employee happiness and overall company culture. In this post, we'll be discussing many reasons why you should implement a peer recognition program in your company today.

For a more in-depth look into this subject, feel free to take a look at our comprehensive guide to peer recognition.

Peer recognition fosters a high-performing corporate culture

Peer recognition programs incentivize employees to work harder and produce high employee performance. Not only that, employee recognition is a great way for your team to communicate positively. In an employee recognition program, you can foster a positive corporate culture by recognizing employees with meaningful recognition.

Peer recognition builds a loyal team

Workers will be happier to work with their fellow employee who's a peer recognition program recipient. They'll feel more appreciated, and it will go a long way for employees to become more loyal to the company. By encouraging peer-to-peer appreciation, you can build up an amazing team that is loyal to your company's mission statement.

Peer recognition fosters real friendships

Peer recognition programs can lead to real friendships between employees within a company. Most people love being recognized for their great work, so there's no reason why they won't want to develop relationships with a fellow employee to whom they offer meaningful recognition.

Peer recognition is a great medium for feedback

Peer recognition provides an amazing platform for peer feedback between employees in the same company, which can help managers improve their management styles and respond to any issues within the company. Instead of only focusing on negative peer feedback, peer recognition can provide a space for constructive criticism and value employee appreciation. It's a great way for businesses to improve their company culture, increase employee satisfaction, and develop long-lasting relationships among peers.

Peer recognition improves employee engagement

With better peer-to-peer relations, peer recognition programs can help to build lasting relationships between employees through reward tokens given from one peer to another throughout the program. 

Through simple peer-to-peer awards, employee engagement levels will improve and employee happiness improves when they know their work is being recognized. This has other long-term effects on a company, including lowering employee turnover rates and improving customer satisfaction as well.

Peer recognition is easy to implement

An employee recognition program is so simple to implement into the workplace. You can add the peer recognition program details right in your company's intranet! You can even add peer recognition platforms into an already existing intranet that your employees use day-to-day. You won't need a separate platform or software for peer recognition since it works perfectly in an existing intranet space, and if you're already logged in, why not just add peer recognition?

Peer recognition is not very expensive

Finally, peer recognition doesn't have to be expensive at all! There are peer recognition platforms that charge very little, with some even being free! All you need is a peer-to-peer reward system in place so your employees know they're being recognized for their work, and everyone in the company can join in on peer-to-peer rewards.

Best of all, peer recognition programs don't have to follow any complicated rules! It's simple, informal, and doesn't require much time out of your day.

If you found this post valuable, then consider trying Matter, a free Slack app that helps businesses easily implement a peer recognition program by allowing employees to offer Kudos and constructive feedback to their fellow peers remotely. It's easy to use, and best of all, completely free!

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