Thank You Email to Coworkers [Examples + 7 Tips]

November 28, 2021
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When a colleague does a favor for you or goes out of their way to help you out, it's important to offer your sincere gratitude when the time is right. Sending a thank-you email to coworkers can make them feel appreciated and can strengthen your relationship with them in the office.

Benefits of a thank you email to coworkers

There are many benefits of sending a thank you email, including the following:

  • Strengthens relationships: A thank you letter can strengthen relationships between coworkers and make each person feel appreciated.
  • Higher productivity: Showing gratitude and saying thank you to coworkers can lead to increased productivity among the workforce. 
  • Higher morale: Thank you emails can also improve the morale of the workforce, which is always a good thing!

Pros and cons of a thank you email to coworkers

Personal and professional relationships can be developed by acknowledging the work and presence of coworkers. Thanking them will also make them want to help you again!

There is a risk that the email, if not worded properly, could come off as passive-aggressive or as an attempt at flattery. You may also look unprofessional if the writing isn't up to par, so be sure to proofread before hitting send!

Though appreciation emails seem like just another formality people have to go through at work, they can actually build personal and professional relationships with those around those we work with every day. When we express gratitude for our coworkers' help and support it makes them feel acknowledged and needed. Plus, according to an article by Human Resources Director Magazine, gratitude inspires other people to be grateful too. Gratitude is contagious!

Be considerate about who you send this email to. If your coworkers are always willing to lend a hand, then show your gratitude! Not only will they appreciate being recognized for their good work but it'll keep work interesting and less mundane for everyone involved. Just try not to word things too formal or else you might end up sounding pompous or derogatory; two qualities nobody wants in a coworker!

Thank you email to coworkers who work remotely

As many people work from home, it's important to express gratitude for the tasks that our coworkers execute. They might not be present in person but they are just as much a part of the entire team as people who do come into the office every day.

When an individual works remotely it can be difficult to show proper gratitude and kindness because there is no "live" interaction between employees and the boss or colleagues. This makes necessary communication more challenging than sitting next to each other at work or across from one another during meetings.

The best way to overcome this obstacle is through written communication with a personal touch. While emails may sometimes seem impersonal, they are still a fast way of communicating with others, as opposed to sending a typed letter or professional thank you that is a handwritten note. Sending appreciation messages after working together is highly recommended by experts on workplace performance.

If a wonderful colleague has helped you throughout the duration of your project it is also recommended to send them an email at its completion with any crucial information for how they can complete their part of the job successfully, along with a thank you for their work.

Thanking coworkers by name who have worked remotely is simply communication that needs to be done more often. It's just as important as thanking people who are sitting next to us because without their help nothing would get done.

7 tips and ideas for writing a thank you email to coworkers

Here are some tips to help you write a great thank you email to your coworkers:

  1. Be personal: Try to make it as personal and specific as possible so that it isn't just a generic "thank you" message. Be clear about why you're thankful for their actions in your email.
  2. Be timely: Sending a thank you email to coworkers as soon as possible after the favor is completed shows that you appreciate it and that your coworker's efforts were not wasted.
  3. Be brief: Don't write too much about why you're thankful for their actions, only include the minimum amount of information needed so there is no confusion.
  4. Keep it positive: Keep it positive and avoid saying anything negative or controversial that might dissuade your coworker from wanting to work with you again.
  5. Use exact phrases: "Thank you", "please", and other formal words should be used to keep it professional. Avoid using colloquial language like "No problem" or similar common usages because it can come off as being casual. When writing an appreciation letter, make it a formal thank you.
  6. Keep it private: Make sure it's only sent to them. This shows that you put in the effort to thank them personally.
  7. End on a high note: Try ending with something positive like "thank you again" or "best wishes". This will leave a good impression of yourself and ensure that the reader remembers more pleasant parts of this exchange instead of any negative feelings they may have.

The benefits of sending such an email outweigh any negatives, so always make sure you thank your coworker in the best way possible to align with your company's culture.

Example of a thank you email to coworkers

Taking all of the tips we’ve mentioned so far, here is an example of a thank you email to coworkers:

Dear Megan, James, and Jane:

Thank you for your patience today as I worked through a problem with the printer. Please accept this thank you email as a small gesture of gratitude for bearing with me until I found a solution.

I will remember to stop by your office tomorrow so we can chat about it in person. Thank you again!

Pamela Green

Notice that the email is a formal letter that addresses the recipients by name, specifically states what the sender is thankful for, and is timely. Writing a thank-you email can be a simple process if you follow the basic principles we shared in this article!

Software for writing a thank you email to coworkers

Technology can come in handy if you’re still not quite sure what to say. Here are some apps and software that can be used to write a thank you email to coworkers:

  • INK: This thank you email generator will save you time by creating a quick thank you note for you. All you have to do is type in the recipient’s name and what they did that you’re grateful for.
  • Send Thanks: This app has e-cards for every occasion. Choose a design you like, type up your thank you email, and send!
  • Matter: This free Slack app helps you be more consistent about saying thank you to your colleagues. The management team can use this app for employee recognition and employee appreciation by sending kudos, praise, and more!
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