Yaydoo - Purchase Management Software

“Matter gives us the opportunity to share feedback with our direct teammates and across all departments, which is very valuable since we are all working remotely. It’s important to have Feedback Friday because it connects us together at a certain time and place. We love seeing each other’s successes, not only for our own teams but across other departments as well.”

Gabriela Ruiz - Head of People at Hunty
Citlalli Amador
Human Resources BP: Talent Attraction and Culture

About 👏

Company: Yaydoo is a purchase management software, streamlining B2B collections and payments for Latin American businesses. Their management system and business commercial platform simplifies and automates the administrative tasks of purchasing, accounts payable, and collections.

Industry: IT and Software

Employees: 177

Headquarters: Mexico City, Mexico 🇲🇽

Key Use Cases: Feedback Surveys, Feedback Friday

Interview: Citlalli Amador, Human Resources BP

Why Yaydoo chose Matter 🏆

Citlalli’s fully remote team was looking for a way to create a company culture where feedback and recognition were shared every day. Her boss, the Director of People, reached out to a network of People Directors and Managers from several startups, where they were referred to Matter.

They used the free trial to see if it was something their team would enjoy. Feedback Friday and kudos were quickly adopted and loved by the “Yaydooers”, and has since become an integral part of their team culture.

How Yaydoo uses Matter 🚀

The Yaydoo team found Matter to be really intuitive. Citlalli hadn’t even introduced Matter to the team yet, and people naturally started using it. She reports that it was easy for people to understand the value of kudos and the team started sending them immediately. Soon after, Matter really took off for the Yaydoo team.

It wasn’t just the kudos and celebratory recognition, but also lots of emoji reactions and comments too – Citlalli and her team felt like Matter really ‘nailed it’ by getting people excited about giving and receiving recognition. The Yaydooers love to come together during Feedback Fridays and share those moments, which brings their remote team even closer.

The Value of Matter for Yaydoo 📈

One of the problems Matter solved was connecting various remote teams and teammates that might not otherwise interact often. It’s improved Yaydooers comfort with feedback too.

Citlalli reports, “Feedback is something that’s not always easy to share, but with Matter, we now have a way, with valuable guidelines and considerations, to create a feedback culture”.

One thing Citlalli particularly appreciates is that Yaydooers are now taking the time to recognize each others’ successes and efforts as a team. Being in a fast-paced environment at Yaydoo, it can be easy to forget to thank and recognize teammates for what they’re contributing. Citlalli sees happier team members, quote, “Like when you are a kid and receive a gold star”. Even company leaders have taken the initiative to recognize those that are helping them.

Lessons Learned / Advice for Others ✏️

"Just try it! I think the best way to see if your team will fall in love with Matter is to add it and let them see for themselves. You’ll be able to quickly see how it works for your team and how people interact with it. It’s awesome to see the team sending kudos for this, kudos for that, everyone really enjoys it."