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Loved by teams and companies you know
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Loved by teams and companies you know
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It starts with
Feedback Friday

Matter kicks off Feedback Friday once a week. A time where your team is encouraged to give the gift of feedback.

Share Kudos for all to see and celebrate

Give public Kudos all inside Slack. Watch your team share reactions and appreciation for one another.

Kudos templates for every occasion

Matter encourages and rewards participation

Gamify team engagement with built-in Slack reminders, feedback streaks, and recaps.

Hear what happy teams are saying about Matter

“Since using Matter, our team's morale has improved dramatically. Kudos is helping reinforce our culture of celebrating wins and recognition!”
Nakia J
Product Manager
“Matter helps you understand where you are excelling and where you are falling short. It helped me find out where I am at with my progress.”
Alex Y
People Ops
“Matter is amazing. Everything about Matter, from the interface to the way I am able to send and receive feedback is amazing. I’m really enjoying the product.”
Jorge M
Product Marketer

And we’re only getting started

Start with Kudos and level up your team’s performance with skill-based surveys and continuous feedback.
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Voted Product Hunt's social impact product of the year

Software Advice
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Ready to level up your team?

Get started in minutes by connecting with Slack.

Trusted by companies of all
shapes and sizes

Great way to boost work culture whilst working remotely

Verified Reviewer - Professional Coach
"Great integration with Slack - my favorite aspect are the Kudos messages of encouragement - it really boosts everyone's mood amid working remotely due to the COVID situation in Australia."
"1 tool helped bessie bring feedback and fun into our team’s online work, @MatterApp! Can’t wait to see them grow further too."
@skerbz twitter profile

Apps that "Matter"

Benjamin R. - Senior Marketing Advisor
"Matter helped us connect and admire each other's work when someone did an outstanding job. Matter seamlessly connected to Slack and it's free to try. So there was really no downside of adding it and no setbacks."
"really stoked to see what the crew at @MatterApp has built for teams and team building… almost makes me want to use Slack again"
@jw twitter profile

A great tool for a feedback on performance for remote teams

Nive T. - Director of Communications
"Matter was very easy to use and to invite team members to use. With increasingly remote workflows this tool is a great way to stay connected and get constructive feedback as well as gather Kudos and facilitate employee recognition."
“What’s the nicest thing someone at work has said to you this week? We know. It’s hard. It’s awkward. But tools like @MatterApp make it easy. Use them to make #feedback a habit then get more playful with it. Try it.”

Made my team cohesive!

Dandan S. - Quality Analyst
"Feedback Friday allows our team to have a good habit of providing and receiving feedback. Feedback is very important for personal career growth. This is a great tool to make the team more cohesive."
“Using @MatterApp to get a baseline of feedback from other leaders and peers. Massively helpful for seeing your blind spots.”
Chris Johnson

Great product, a game changer!

Janet Y. - Community Engagement
“I was looking for something like Matter, because my team works remotely. Giving feedback and requesting feedback fits perfectly to create a better company culture, team engagement, and overall positive energy.”

Bring out the best in your team with Matter

  • Free 30-Day Trial
  • No Credit Card Required
  • 2-Min Setup