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Trusted by companies you know
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Trusted by companies you know
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Start a recognition habit with Feedback Friday

Matter kicks off Feedback Friday weekly. A day where people are encouraged to give kudos and feedback.

Recognize in the moment with kudos

Share kudos publicly for all to see and celebrate together.

Put company values front and center

Create custom kudos templates for every occasion (e.g., company values, inside jokes).
Company Values With Matter

Supercharge recognition with rewards

Add Matter coins to kudos and feedback to show extra appreciation. Redeem coins for gift cards, company rewards, donations, etc.
Birthday and Work Anniversary Celebration Banners

Never miss a birthday or work anniversary

Automatically send celebration messages to celebrate everyone’s special day.
MatterBot Kudos Analytics

Answer culture questions with analytics

Leverage kudos, rewards, and feedback analytics activity to see engagement insights and trends.

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Of employees are more productive when they regularly receive kudos.

"Matter helps us connect and interact while showing people what kind of culture we strive for — we want people to be themselves and feel free to play and have fun at work!"

Leah Howse
Head of People

Hear what people are saying about Matter

"Our company’s culture & morale changed overnight! In under 2 months, we’ve had over 2,000 kudos sent and 80%+ engagement across all employees. Matter has motivated people to participate like no other software we have ever used."
Jeff Hagel
President | Customer Story
“Kudos are a big part of our company culture and daily practice because it reinforces our company values. This helps us have the right people here and support them to do their best.”
María José Franco
María José Franco
People Director | Customer Story
"Feedback Friday is big for us. It helped us kickstart kudos. 90% of our employees feel comfortable giving and receiving feedback, and 72% feel comfortable with recognition now."
Sabrina Roccazzella
Human Resources Business Partner | Customer Story

Trusted by companies of all shapes and sizes

“I was astonished at first because I was used to feedback tools being very unemotional and static. That’s why I love Matter, because it provides necessary structure for an organization while allowing feedback to be enjoyable and personable."
Dominik Bernhart
Chief Happiness Officer
"At a recent team event, 70% of the team mentioned Matter as the one thing we need to keep using for our company culture."
Victor Neumann
CEO and Co-Founder
“The setup was extremely easy. It had good UX and interface – people knew how to intuitively use it. The channel got popular in the first two weeks.”
Mathis Bogen
Head of Internal Communications
"Ever since we started to use Matter for feedback thursdays we have been able to develop an amazing feedback culture. Positive feedback is so powerful if you can nurture everyone to give it."
Joris Janssen
"Matter has allowed our company to set up for long-term success by providing a tool to invest in our amazing employees.”
Joshua Eidelman
Co-Founder and CEO
“People can get so busy with their work, that they become unaware of all the good things happening across the company. Matter allows us to see what others are accomplishing and gives us a platform to congratulate each other for wins big and small."
Gabriela Ruiz
Head of People
“Matter gives us the opportunity to share feedback with our direct teammates and across all departments, which is very valuable since we are all working remotely."
Citlalli Amador
Human Resources BP
“It’s a complete feedback tool. Matter not only allows us to give feedback or kudos to someone and spotlight their hard work, but also allows us to give constructive feedback in a way that helps teammates improve their skills over the long term.”
Lucas Veyrines
Human Resources Officer
“Using @MatterApp to get a baseline of feedback from other leaders and peers. Massively helpful for seeing your blind spots.”
Chris Johnson

Start meaningful recognition and rewards that Matter

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