Skill badge for: EmpathySkill badge for: SupportivenessSkill badge for: PresentingSkill badge for: CommunicationSkill badge for: Product ManagementSkill badge for: Analytical ThinkingSkill badge for: VisionSkill badge for: MentorshipSkill badge for: StorytellingSkill badge for: Technical LeadershipSkill badge for: ResilienceSkill badge for: ListeningSkill badge for: DelegationSkill badge for: InclusivenessSkill badge for: LeadershipSkill badge for: Body LanguageSkill badge for: Code QualitySkill badge for: ProductivitySkill badge for: User ResearchSkill badge for: Public SpeakingSkill badge for: ResourcefulnessSkill badge for: ResponsivenessSkill badge for: CandorSkill badge for: Design ThinkingSkill badge for: Strategic ThinkingSkill badge for: Verbal Communication

Amazing feedback starts with Matter

Gather, clarify, and give professional feedback all in one place.

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Watch the video and see how Matter delivers amazing feedbackPlay Matter video and see how Matter delivers amazing feedback

Become the best version of yourself

Feel confident at work

Feel confident at work

Know exactly where you stand, focus on areas you want to improve, and learn about your blind spots.

Grow skills that matter

Grow skills that matter

Through our research, Matter has identified 300+ key abilities that lead to the mastery of 30+ professional and soft skills.

Bring your peers along

Bring your peers along

Leaders are givers. Matter makes giving feedback and sending kudos to help your peers grow simple, fun, and productive.

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Matter makes it easier to gather, clarify, and give professional feedback.

Gather feedback year round

Know exactly where you stand, focus on areas you want to improve, and learn about your blind spots.

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Clarify feedback with ease

Feedback on Matter is two-way and never anonymous. So, you can clarify assumptions and work on the right things that matter most.

Matter Feature: Clarify feedback

Give the gift of feedback

Sharing feedback on Matter is productive and positive. Empower and motivate your peers by giving them timely, actionable feedback.

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Send Kudos in style

Every win is worth celebrating. Show appreciation, give praise, and recognize your peers, both individual and team wins.

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Matter is amazing. Everything about it, from the interface, to the way I am able to send and receive feedback is amazing. I’m really enjoying the product.
Jody at Dribbble on Matter
Product Manager at Dribbble
Matter helps you understand where you are excelling and where you are falling short. It helped me find out where I am at with my progress.
Liz at Dovetail on Matter
Product Marketer at Dovetail

Gather feedback on over 30 skills from Matter.

Matter helps you receive feedback from people you know and trust. Start your journey to discovering your strengths and blind-spots.