Continuous Feedback Form Templates (Tips + Benefits)

November 22, 2021
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What is a continuous feedback form template?

You've jumped onto the bandwagon, and scrapped your old-fashioned performance management procedure for some cutting-edge continuous feedback. Down with the annual evaluation, up with the modern way! It's all sunshine and rainbows till you realize how much time this is going to take. Do you need to be writing surveys every other day, then coercing your workforce into filling them out so you can analyze them?

Well, you don't. If continuous feedback is a drain on your organization, you're doing something wrong. Done right, continuous feedback should free up time on your schedule rather than the reverse. The trick is to take advantage of the many time-saving tools and software solutions that are available. One of these is a continuous feedback form template. 

A continuous feedback form template is just what it sounds like: a template that makes it easy to write up a continuous feedback form in anywhere from five to fifteen seconds. These continuous feedback form templates are available in a wide range of styles and designs to suit your workplace. 

They're great time savers because continuous feedback forms needn't be lengthy or complicated. The questions only need to drill down into the three or four main problem areas and ask employees how they feel about these issues, so you can plan for changes and improvements where needed.

What this means is that you don't have to study up on the Likert scale, do a course on employee performance evaluation or spend hours on regular feedback form preparation. Someone else has done all that for you, and the one thing missing in your continuous performance management is for you to fill in the blanks.

Benefits of continuous feedback form templates

The big benefit of continuous feedback form templates, of course, is that they save time on continuous feedback organization for HR/management. But there are more reasons to use them than just bringing your hour-long survey writing down to two ten-second segments. Here are a few:

  • Continuous feedback form templates allow you to focus your continuous feedback on the areas that matter most to your organization.
  • Data from an employee evaluation form created with templates is easy to analyze since continuous feedback forms are standardized, which means you can avoid issues like data overload.
  • Continuous feedback form templates help you frame your questions in appropriate, non-biased ways to get the best results.
  • Templates allow everyone to be involved with generating and sending out forms, increasing employee engagement.

Continuous feedback form template example

Here's an example employee feedback form template you can use to get started with continuous feedback. You'll notice the questions asked in the continuous feedback forms are very simple and straightforward.

- How would you rate your satisfaction with [PROBLEM AREA]?

- How would you rate your satisfaction with [SOLUTION TO PROBLEM AREA]? 

- What, if anything, could we do to improve [PROBLEM AREA] further? 

Some of the easiest-to-use continuous feedback form templates come with continuous feedback software like the free Slack app Matter. Here you don't have to compose any of your questions: just choose areas that you'd like queried and leave it at that. Your feedback solution will compose the questions and format them into a nice feedback survey for your recipients. Bonus: it'll also take the answers you get and make it into an easy-to-read summary for you to check back on later. 

Using a software-based performance review template makes the process of getting and giving ongoing feedback almost automatically. This is especially important when you decentralize the process with 360-degree feedback or a peer feedback program. Your survey form template can be so intuitive anyone can use it, and making a survey will be as simple as filling in the form field and pressing a button.

Tips on using continuous feedback form templates 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you're considering using templates for continuous feedback: 

  • Choose templates that allow both scale questions and more open-ended questions with room in the answer field to gather constructive feedback.
  • Don't overcomplicate things by trying to ask too many questions or attempting to get fancy with your continuous feedback engineering.
  • Consider your audience. What kind of continuous feedback do they require? 

At the most basic level, feedback form templates establish a common goal and help you keep your continuous feedback process on track, enhancing the employee experience and fueling your employee recognition program. More importantly, these performance appraisal templates provide objectivity to an organization by preventing issues like data overload and subjectivity in evaluating results. 

You don't have to look too hard or too far to find continuous feedback form templates that are just what you're looking for. Many effective feedback templates are free, so no need for continuous feedback budgeting. When it comes to implementing a continuous feedback loop at your organization, a continuous feedback software system like Matter is worth it since it does all the heavy lifting for you. Whatever continuous feedback form template you or your continuous feedback software system uses, make sure it's straightforward to avoid confusion and continuous feedback misunderstandings. 

Continuous feedback form templates are a great way to measure continuous feedback from your employees. With ready-made templates, you can collect data and address any issues before they get out of hand. Templates also make it easy to manage continuous feedback with standardized questions that survey all aspects of an employee's experience without overwhelming them with too many questions or being biased in their evaluations. It is also easy for your human resources department/management to analyze this data due to its simplicity and straightforwardness. If you've scrapped the annual review and are looking for better ways to improve your company culture, continuous feedback form templates may be exactly what you need!

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