According to Harvard Business Review, “likability” is one of the key characteristics of effective leadership. Great leaders know that gestures like smiling, acknowledging, and connecting with their team not only indicate friendliness but establish authentic work relationships.

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Reflect on how to be kind when building rapport

Learning how to be kind when building rapport is fundamental in developing and honing your leadership skills. Start by simply taking a moment to reflect.

Would you consider being friendly a core leadership quality?

Exercises to help you be kind when building rapport

Now, it's time to put your reflection into action. Finding opportunities to implement your leadership skills can allow you to be kind when building rapport.

  • Actively acknowledge your teammates every day. Greet them with a smile and “good morning” at the start of the workday or a “good evening” as they log off.
  • Mix up the location on your next one-on-one. Instead of a conference room, go to a coffee shop or for a walk. This shows you’re not confined to the office.
  • Invite your teammates to join you for social events outside of work. The next time you head out for a coffee run or lunch, ask a colleague if they would like to join you.

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