According to a 2010 Journal of Personality and Social Psychology study, when people are thanked for their efforts they feel encouraged to provide more help in the future. Leaders that show appreciation and recognition make their teams feel valued for their work contributions.

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Reflect on how to recognize team effort

Learning how to recognize team effort is fundamental in developing and honing your leadership skills. Start by simply taking a moment to reflect.

Why should you give a kudos or shoutout for a teammate’s work?

Exercises to help you recognize team effort

Now, it's time to put your reflection into action. Finding opportunities to implement your leadership skills can allow you to recognize team effort.

  • Show your appreciation through an email, handwritten note, or Slack message. Be specific like this: “Amazing job on the company values project. It came together really well!”
  • Encourage peer-to-peer recognition at the end of a project. Instead of waiting for leadership to give shoutouts, highlight team members who went above and beyond.
  • Be sure to follow up constructive feedback with positive feedback. Provide specific examples of when your teammate performed exceptionally well and celebrate their wins.

Additional resources to help you recognize team effort

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