According to a 2018 Journal of Leadership Education study, researchers found that integrating stories led to “mental mapping,” a method to help individuals understand how their organization functions. Leaders who harness storytelling establish trust, rally people around a shared vision, and even motivate their team through difficult changes.

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Leadership is leading, motivating, and inspiring your team. Learn what is leadership, examples, and how to improve it.

Reflect on how to tell a story that inspires your team

Learning how to tell a story that inspires your team is fundamental in developing and honing your leadership skills. Start by simply taking a moment to reflect.

Can you recall a time when an inspirational story drove you to action?

Exercises to help you tell a story that inspires your team

Now, it's time to put your reflection into action. Finding opportunities to implement your leadership skills can allow you to tell a story that inspires your team.

  • Structure your next presentation as a story. Include compelling anecdotes or quotes from customers who have been impacted by your team’s work.
  • Simplify a complex concept with a story the next time a peer asks for support. Instead of providing instructions, share your own experiences, tips, and hacks that helped you.
  • Keep your stories brief when sharing them with the team. Make them bite-sized, specific, and under 2 minutes. Brevity helps make your stories concise and memorable.

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