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Words of Appreciation for Coworker (5 Tips + 4 Benefits)

December 10, 2021
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Why are words of appreciation for coworkers important?

Coworkers play a critical role in our work environment, but that doesn't mean that we don't take them for granted. The success of your company depends largely on the quality of employees who work there; however, if words of gratitude are not shared with these people, it's easy to lose sight of how much they're worth. Employee appreciation is important!

When employees don't feel appreciated, they may leave the company and possibly take skills that would be beneficial to your business with them. Saying thank you builds rapport between coworkers, helps team-building efforts, and encourages productivity throughout the office. When everyone feels valued for their contributions, coworkers are more likely to have positive interactions with each other.

4 benefits of words for appreciation for coworkers

Words of gratitude can be incredibly powerful when it comes to being appreciated at work. Here are some ways in which your coworkers will benefit from hearing them!

  1. They know you appreciate their hard work: Everyone loves being complimented on their hard work and dedication. When you share words of gratitude with someone in the office, you show them exactly how much their efforts mean to you. We all want to feel valued and knowing that we're appreciated by the people we work with is an incredible motivator. You can do this by writing them an appreciation letter or simply sending funny appreciation wishes via email.
  2. They know they can do better: It's always helpful for someone to hear how they can improve on something. If you tell your coworker that they do great work, but that there are areas where they could improve, it allows them to put in the extra effort to use the things you've highlighted as an area of focus in future projects. Alternatively, if you praise their hard work without providing feedback, it doesn't give them any room to grow or think about their performance.
  3. You'll build trust between one another: When you spend so much time together at work, sometimes it feels like words of appreciation are unnecessary. However, the truth is that positive reinforcement can always help create a stronger future bond between you and your coworker. Expressing how much they mean to you will make them feel valued and comfortable around you; this could influence an increase in their productivity and creativity when working with you in the future.
  4. It's good for the company: Everyone wants to work together with people who express gratitude. It creates a happy environment where there are no hidden agendas, which makes everything more fun! On top of this, research has shown that companies who offer certain benefits to employees tend to be more successful in comparison to those who don't provide these types of perks. One example of extra benefits is an employee bonus or profit-sharing. These are a great part of any employee recognition program.

Everyone wants to know they're appreciated at work, so don't wait around! You could inspire someone with your words today by expressing gratitude towards your coworkers. 

Remote teams and words of appreciation for coworkers

Doing remote work can be lonely so it is important to make sure remote employees feel a part of the entire team. One way to have a successful remote team is to be friendly with your teammates.

Communication should be done through different channels such as instant messenger, phone calls, and voice chats. The tone of communication should always remain positive because there might be misunderstandings from time to time. Therefore, even if you think someone meant something else when they said something, never assume and always ask them what they meant. Make sure you communicate in a way so that the other person is also comfortable to ask questions and clarify their thoughts and opinions.

Another important aspect of communication on a remote team is showing appreciation for your teammates. This means giving proper compliments to your coworkers when they do a good job, going above and beyond or just being nice people in general. It's easier said than done because we humans tend to forget about these things but it's very simple if you make a habit out of it. 

Words of appreciation for coworker statistics

In a study shared by the Harvard Business Review, 40% of employees say they would put more energy into their work if they were recognized more often. Studies show that workers are happier when their managers offer them sincere compliments about their work, versus offering higher salaries.

Another study featured by Tiny Pulse shows that many companies report higher customer satisfaction when management is showing more appreciation for employees. This shows that even simply telling someone they are valued or cared about has significant benefits. What's more, appreciating and encouraging your employees is a great way to build morale!

Employees who are recognized and appreciated are 63% more likely to stay at his or her job, according to a study shared by Apollo Technical. When you create a company culture that values positivity and gratitude, you will see a happier workforce and higher productivity overall.

Words of appreciation for coworker tips

  1. Be specific: When complimenting a coworker or sending an employee appreciation message, it's important to use specific phrasing. For example, instead of "You're a great worker," try "Your report was well organized and executed."
  2. Recognize their effort: Peer recognition is always appreciated. Words of appreciation for coworkers should be about more than just the final project or outcome. In addition to focusing on an employee's efforts, you can also provide constructive criticism as well as suggestions for how they could have done even better next time.
  3. Make it personal: Just because compliments are individualized does not mean that they lack sincerity. To convey your appreciation for someone at work, take the time to find something to single out to make them feel special and appreciated, whether it's a positive quality or experience that you share.
  4. Don't overdo it: Complimenting someone on one specific thing will make your words seem more genuine than if you try to shower them with compliments on everything they do. Also, praising multiple people as a group is not only confusing but also shows that you're unaware of who contributed what during the project.
  5. Be sincere: When giving a compliment, it's important to be honest about why their work is valuable. If you are being insincere simply because you want something from them, such as asking for an introduction to another coworker, then this will be very apparent and thus will not make them feel valued.

Words of appreciation for coworker ideas

People deal with stress at work every day. Whether you stay late to finish a project, or don't eat dinner because of the big meeting coming up the next day, you might be tempted to go home and not talk about it with your colleagues. But don't forget your coworker! A simple "thank you" is all that's needed sometimes.

Just because you're stressed doesn't mean that your coworkers don't notice it either. They may not always say anything about it though, out of concern or hesitation. Expressing your gratitude can make a world of difference in someone's day. Try going up to them and saying how good they are doing on their part of a project, or hold a meeting after work to discuss how their performance has helped the company.

If you want to go the extra mile, thank them in a handwritten note. It's timeless and shows how much you appreciate their work. You can even include a small but nice gift or certificate to show you value your coworker and their time.

Saying thank you and showing gratitude toward others is always beneficial, especially in the workplace. Thanking someone for their hard work not only brightens up their day but also shows that they are an important part of the team!

Words of appreciation for coworker software

Many software programs can help us express our gratitude towards coworkers, family members, and friends. A lot of these software programs will send a polite email with a personal message to the person you want to thank. There is no better way to say "Thank You" than by sending a heartfelt sentence through your computer or smartphone!

Here are some examples:

  • Thankster: This site allows users to send handwritten cards by mail to make someone feel special and appreciated. You can also keep track of the people you’ve sent gratitude cards to in the past.
  • Postagram: These are pictures that can be brought to life using your smartphone and stylized, designed templates. It is easy and fun! The sender chooses a photo from his or her gallery and then adds text and embellishments until it becomes a postcard that will be delivered right away through the USPS network.
  • Matter: This free Slack app streamlines the process of showing gratitude to your coworkers regularly. You can offer praise for jobs well done, give kudos, and more!
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