Appreciation Notes to Coworker (With Examples for 2023)

December 5, 2021
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What is an appreciation note to a coworker?

An appreciation note to a coworker is a brief message that you write to thank someone who has helped you in some way. It can be just one sentence or even part of an email. There are various reasons why you might write appreciation messages to a coworker, including:

  • To show gratitude for any advice given and continued support
  • To show your appreciation for the team member's good work and going the extra mile
  • As a response after receiving help from another colleague
  • For a thoughtful gift from good colleagues

Why is an appreciation note to a coworker important?

A coworker appreciation note shows the recipient that they matter and are appreciated, which is a good thing! It also demonstrates the value of considering how others feel, trying to understand their needs, and working together as a cohesive unit. It is important to show gratitude whenever you can because it has the potential to improve workplace relationships and increase happiness.

The stats even backup gratitude. According to Glassdoor’s Employee Appreciation Survey, 81% of respondents said they would work harder if they were appreciated more. You can never go wrong with a little thankfulness! There are many benefits to being grateful at work.

Benefits of appreciation notes to coworkers

There are benefits for showing gratitude in every area of life and the same holds for at work. Here are some benefits of showing a coworker appreciation with a note:

  1. Supports positive teamwork relationships: Maintaining positive relationships with coworkers increases productivity. If your team members feel appreciated, they will be more willing to help you in return, achieve goals together, and work constructively even during difficult situations. You will begin to see more employee engagement and dedication.
  2. Increases happiness at work: People who receive appreciation typically experience higher job satisfaction, perform better at work, enjoy their jobs more, become less stressed, remain loyal to employers longer, are more engaged in company goals, and feel less burned out from working so hard. According to a study shared by Berkeley, people who have experienced more gratitude throughout their days are more resilient to stress and happier overall.
  3. Shows you care about others: An appreciation note acknowledges that you are willing to take the time out of your day to recognize someone. It demonstrates that you care about others and what they do for the company's mission.

Remote teams and appreciation notes to coworkers

Even if coworkers are located in different parts of the world, it is important to make sure they feel appreciated for their remote work. It may be difficult to show appreciation face-to-face; however, writing an appreciation note can go a long way toward showing that you care and respect remote employees.

Remote teams allow employees to work from anywhere, which is great for professional flexibility and job satisfaction. However, being so physically removed from coworkers can be hard. Although remote teams provide great benefits such as professional flexibility and job satisfaction, being so physically removed from coworkers can be hard on morale. Coworker appreciation notes help with this by maintaining a sense of connection and togetherness.

Appreciation notes can build morale on remote teams by maintaining a sense of team togetherness, which can be difficult without face-to-face interaction or easy communication. Such notes do not have to be big gestures either; something as small as "thanks for staying late last night to help get this report done!" will go a long way toward establishing camaraderie between teammates. Although appreciation notes may seem like a trivial aspect of work, they can have a large impact on morale.

Appreciation note to coworker best practices

If you’re going to take the time to write a note to a coworker to let them know they’re appreciated, you want to make sure that you do it right! Here are some best practices:

  1. Keep your praise genuine and specific: Avoid using only empty words like "great job" or "good work;" this makes your feedback seem disingenuous or obligatory. Instead, try adding a comment on the specific actions that you noticed. Keep in mind that most people would like to be told how they are doing in regards to their work, but they generally don't enjoy being given unsolicited advice (rarely do these situations go over well).
  2. To ensure success, limit your praise: When you write an appreciation note it is important to make sure your praise comes across as genuine instead of forced. If you tell someone too many things they're doing correctly, it can diminish the effect of your words and make them feel like you are not telling the truth; however, if you only mention one thing that has made a difference then it will stand out more. You should also avoid over-praising; your coworker might become suspicious of your intentions if you are constantly telling them how amazing they are. This can make it difficult to get anything done because they will keep waiting for the "catch" and be on high alert the entire time.
  3. Don't compare appreciation notes: No one likes that person who is always bragging about what they did or complaining about what everyone else did wrong, so don't do this in an appreciation note either! Instead, focus on writing a message that focuses on one specific action or behavior by another employee rather than wishing you could fix your mistakes or change things. You should also try to put yourself in your coworker's shoes before you write something; don't compare one person to another and, instead, try to imagine how you would feel if someone wrote a note like that about you.
  4. Time your praise: Don't write appreciation notes immediately after something bad or negative has happened; instead, wait until everyone has calmed down before sending your words of encouragement. This will make it more likely for your coworker to focus on what you say rather than their previous mistake. You should also avoid writing too far in advance; otherwise, the message might seem insincere. According to a study shared by ClearCompany, 75% of employees prefer to receive feedback ASAP. They will appreciate a timely written note of gratitude.
  5. Be respectful: Do not write something that will embarrass or humiliate someone! Instead, focus on saying things that will motivate and encourage them to do their best for themselves and you. Avoid sarcasm as well; it is hard to detect tone over email. Plus, remember that everything you say can be forwarded or shared with others. Remember that a lot of times appreciation notes are written into company records, so avoid mentioning information about someone's personal life unless they have permitted you to do so.

Appreciation note to coworker examples

A quick note, such as the ones below, can go a long way in strengthening the relationship with your coworkers:

  • “I wanted to thank you for helping me out with that assignment I had been putting off for so long. It saved my backside and I am so grateful!”
  • “Thanks for your help on Monday. I ended up being able to finish my deadline early by taking advantage of the time I saved.”
  • “Thank you for taking the time to help me with my presentation this morning. I know it's difficult managing your work and mine, but I appreciate your willingness to jump in and assist me when needed.”
  • “Thank you for lending me the book on sales and marketing, it helped me understand what is expected of my role; I am very grateful.”

Appreciation note for coworker software

Six-Word Memoirs Press has released an app that allows anyone to create a personalized thank-you note for any coworker. The motivation behind this invention is simple: all of us have amazing qualities, but it's often hard to find the right words when you want to thank someone. Moreover, emails that express gratitude can sometimes come across as impersonal, whereas a handwritten note may be perceived as too sentimental. Finding the right balance is key. However, the more gratitude people show, the more it's reciprocated and even amplified.

Apps can help streamline the process so that users can pick their favorite template and type in a message. Then you can choose whether you want to print it out on high-quality paper with the company letterhead or send it via email.

Matter is another option. It’s a free Slack app where coworkers can send notes of appreciation to each other, as well as kudos, praise, and feedback. This app is great because it integrates into a platform many teams are already using.

Software or apps can make an impact because they facilitate gratitude for all people at work, including those who never get thanked or appreciated enough. They allow people to thank others in a personal and unique way, as opposed to with an impersonal email. 

Peer recognition is always a motivation to put forth the effort that will benefit the entire team. It also helps people recognize the many good qualities of those around them, so that better work communities can be built.

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