Sport Heroes - Sports and Wellness App

β€œIt’s a complete feedback tool. Matter not only allows us to give feedback or kudos to someone and spotlight their hard work, but also allows us to give constructive feedback in a way that helps teammates improve their skills over the long term.”

Gabriela Ruiz - Head of People at Hunty
Lucas Veyrines
Human Resources Officer and OKR Coordinator

About πŸ‘

Company: Founded in 2014, Sport Heroes is a France-based company that creates and engages communities with physical activity and wellness. Sport Heroes offers personalized mobile apps and web platforms to connect companies' employees together, help them track their individuals fitness milestones, motivate their peers and engage themselves for charities. As you may imagine, the Sport Heroes team fosters a very active and lively company culture.

Industry: Sports Tech

Employees: 105

Headquarters: Paris, France πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

Key Use Cases: Feedback Surveys, Continuous Feedback

Interview: Lucas Veyrines, Human Resources

Why Sport Heroes chose Matter πŸ†

After defining the Sport Heroes objectives through an employee survey, their Human Resources team learned that teammates wanted encouragement to be more performance-driven, with the ability to track and grow in specific skills over time.

Since the team has several remote offices worldwide (France, Spain, Australia, United Kingdom, etc.), a tool that focused on feedback and skill development was ideal for connecting their team.

At the time of this employee survey discovery, Matter was already being used by an internal engineering team, and came highly recommended from those colleagues. As a result, Matter was rolled out to the entire Sport Heroes company and people started using it organically from there. They ultimately chose Matter because it solved three issues for their team: increasing feedback between teammates, creating a performance-driven focus throughout the company, and enhancing their remote company culture.

How Sport Heroes uses Matter πŸš€

Matter is now Sport Heroes' daily feedback tool, in addition to their original semi-annual 360-degree feedback process. In addition, the team loves Feedback Friday, since it provides notifications throughout the day that encourage teammates to give the gift of kudos and feedback before heading into the weekend. The Sports Heroes team has seen their company culture accelerate now that they have Matter to keep recognition and feedback structured but fun.

The Value of Matter for Sport Heroes πŸ“ˆ

Lucas reports that he has seen the company culture change after just a few months of using Matter. People are more comfortable sharing feedback and contributing their thoughts and ideas, not just through the tool, but in team meetings as well. More specifically, Matter has encouraged teammates to voice their opinions and be more direct in their communication with others.

Lessons Learned / Advice for Others ✏️

"Matter is so easy to use, that you don’t really need to worry about introducing it to your team. From week one people were using Matter unprompted and knew how to navigate the different features it offers.

The team now feels very comfortable to give feedback and say what’s on the top of their mind or how they feel. This opens up communication throughout the company and makes sure everyone is heard – bringing new wonderful ideas to surface. People don’t feel scared to be honest with each other because we now know that these conversations will help us grow as individuals and as a company."