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10 Promising Employee Engagement Ideas

June 14, 2021
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At the core of it, employee engagement is what keeps an organization alive. When you take time to invest in the people that make up your team, you’ll see an increase in productivity, engagement, and company culture.

It’s apparent that employee engagement is essential for every workplace. Here are some opportunities to enhance your company culture and celebrate the team members who make your company successful.

P.S. To get inspired, check out our complete employee engagement guide to get the rundown of things: employee engagement surveys, software, strategies, and more!

1. Build an exciting onboarding experience

Starting from the get-go, new hires and teammates should feel the excitement of joining an organization. Try this: 

  • Pair up new-comers with existing teammates through casual one-on-one meetings 
  • Create a list of handy resources
  • If possible, give our company merchandise
  • Plan activities outside of work like happy hours

2. Celebrate your team

Your teammates are much more than their accomplishments at work. Take every opportunity to celebrate your people inside and outside of work. For example:

  • Decorate a teammate’s desk or bring treats for their birthday
  • Pick a handful of individuals who did amazing work and give them a shout out during end-of-the-week meetings 
  • Give thank-you cards to teammates for their hard work
  • Congrats teammates who are leaving the company and heading to their next adventure

Giving public kudos will not only make your teammates feel valued but bring others together to celebrate the big and small moments in the office. 

3. Seek advice from your peers

Each of your teammates carries unique strengths that can help you expand your skillset. Whether you’re asking for personal or career advice, taking that first step to setup up those meetings.

  • Schedule weekly feedback sessions
  • Plan career chats with your peers
  • Ask your team for their opinions on a presentation or project
  • Create watercooler moments where you ask for personal advice or just catchup

4. Encourage your team to bring their true selves to work

When we’re allowed to express our individuality at work, it’s almost natural that we feel more engaged at work. Celebrating everyone’s identity and uniqueness can your team feel appreciated in their role. Try this:

  • Ask them about their personal lives and uncover what drives them
  • Encourage your peers to celebrate their favorite holidays
  • Promote a dress code that doesn’t stifle creativity and individualism.

5. Encourage breaks throughout the workday

You’re not a machine and neither is your team. All work and no play will likely lead to burnout. And to get the most bountiful results with happy teammates requires a culture that encourages breaks. Try this:

  • With remote work, try switching your Slack status to a walking emoji to show your commitment to take a break
  • In the office, ask a peer to grab coffee with you
  • Bake in small breaks into your Google Calendar to encourage others to step away from their screen
  • Respect your teammate’s time by messaging them after they’ve returned from their break

6. Plan company events

Socializing outside of work is a must when it comes to getting people to engage in their work.  Team-building can lead to stronger working relationships, effective communication, and increased job satisfaction. Try this:

  • Have yearly holiday parties
  • Plan happy hours 2-3 times a month 
  • Schedule Spirit Weeks with a theme each day of the week 
  • Offer optional team lunches

7. Throw going-away parties

The sad part of work is sometimes your close peers move onto new endeavors, so take the time to celebrate them and their accomplishments.

  • Plan a surprise going-away party in the office or via Zoom
  • Pass around a thank-you card and your team to sign it
  • Share your favorite moments with them

8. Support volunteer programs or mental health days

Your peers have their own lives outside of work. Whether it’s volunteering or personal setbacks encourage your team to take days off for themselves.

  • Promote volunteer opportunities around your community
  • Offer mental health days to your team 
  • Encourage people to enjoy national holidays with their loved ones 

9. Create unique feedback rituals

Teams need to feel safe when giving or receiving feedback. They need to know that if they give feedback they won’t face negative repercussions. This starts with building trusting relationships. 

  • Create weekly feedback sessions
  • Promote #FeedbackFriday with Matter, where you give kudos and public praises to your teammates
  • Incentivize feedback with small gift cards to Amazon or Starbucks. Bonus points to those who follow up on the feedback
  • After each presentation, take a moment to get feedback from your peers

10. Make time for wellness checks

Create wellness time throughout the week to see how your teammates are doing. Everyone is on their path and sometimes a small check-in can make a big difference in their day. 

  • Send a Slack message asking your peers if they need any support from you
  • Schedule personal one-on-one meetings with one peer and encourage no work talk
  • Make time for coffee catchup sessions with your team publicly to see how their week is going
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