Employee Feedback: What Is It and How to Ask For It?

September 3, 2019
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When you think of the word feedback do you get a little shiver down your spine?

Yep, it’s time for a change.

Consistent employee feedback is a crucial part to professional development. Encouraging constructive feedback sessions allows professionals to dodge unhealthy habits and create a rich culture of feedback. We're going to break your perception of employee feedback and help you rebuild your relationship.

You'll like this version of feedback much more, we promise. 🙌  

What is employee feedback?

While there are various types of feedback, we’re going to be focusing on employee feedback. The intentions remain the same: To give constructive insight to help the professionals grow. But wait! This type of feedback is different from peer feedback or 360-degree feedback. Employee feedback comes from colleagues, managers, or leadership.

Note that while employee feedback can be packaged in variety of ways, you may receive a combination of positive, constructive, and negative feedback.

When to expect employee feedback?

Employee feedback can be delivered formally and informally. Sometimes you may receive feedback in the hallway, cafeteria, or even in the bathroom (rare instance, but it can still happen).

Informal feedback sessions can happen at any time. But don't worry! They tend to be in more casual settings (Courtesy of UI Place)

Maybe we’re exaggerating about feedback in the restroom, but you get the idea. Informal feedback can happen at any time during the workday.

With formal feedback in the workplace, this process is more systematic. Formal feedback can include annual performance reviews, peer surveys, or human resource reports. Unlike informal feedback, formal reviews are scheduled in advance with your manager.

Why is employee feedback important?

Employee feedback is an integral part of the professional experience. Whether it's how you give feedback or receive it, professionals have the opportunity to create transformative experiences through genuine connections and conversations. By sharing the responsibility of feedback, we allow professionals of all levels to practice habits that will lead to positive results.

🗣 Increase in engagement. When teams are consistently engaging in feedback, all types of voices and perspectives are shared and heard. It creates visibility of current roadblocks and provides an opportunity to brainstorm creative solutions.

✊ Sense of purpose. Professionals feel empowered once they receive habitual, aka constructive feedback. This can make professionals feel valued, appreciated, and motivated to strive for their career goals.

👐 Opens up a rich culture. Cultivating a culture of transparency allows a healthy flow of communication and the opportunity to focus on positive changes. Establishing this kind of environment will make professionals excited and give them a productivity boost.

Constructive employee feedback isn't about criticizing, it's about celebrating your strengths and finding ways to improve (Courtesy of Toggl)

How to ask for employee feedback?

Sounds easy, but asking for constructive feedback is harder than you think. Creating this regular habit of asking for feedback can diffuse tension and build less stress. Let’s prepare the right questions!

Ask open-ended questions like...

  • “Can you provide some insight into areas of improvement for me?”
  • “What can I do to better support our team?”
  • “What are some skills I can develop even further?”  

Ask specific questions like…

  • “Would you be able to provide some feedback on the XYZ project? What went well and where I could improve?”
  • “How do you think I handled situation X? Could I have approached in a different way?”
  • “Can we debrief on X project/event?”

Ask reflective questions like…

  • “Looking back on the week, is there anything that could have gone better?”
  • “Based on X event, where do you think I could improve?”
  • “What do you think is currently working and not working with my schedule?”

Or, check out Matter to proactively gather feedback from your peers! Giving and receiving feedback doesn’t need to be scary. We are designed to help professionals get comfortable with feedback while achieving their professional goals.

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